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Funeral prearrangement services in the Montreal area

Since 1902

Pre-Arranging a Funeral That Reflects Your Life

Funerals exist for the people you leave behind. When you take the time to speak with your loved ones about your funeral pre-arrangements and wishes, you’re preparing them for what’s to come, so that they can mourn without the heavy burden of funeral planning overshadowing their memories of you. This is also the ideal moment to discuss how they would like to say goodbye to you.

One of our funeral counsellors will assist you through this process. Decide with your loved ones whether you want to be buried, cremated or donate your body to science, decide what kind of funeral you want and where you want your final resting place to be.

Why Should I Pre-Arrange My Funeral?

When you take on the financial responsibility of your funeral, you ensure that your family does not have to deal with a financial burden at the time of your death.

Funeral pre-arrangements can save you money. When you pre-arrange your funeral, you pay for the goods and services at today’s market price, and are therefore protected from future price increases.

At Urgel Bourgie / Athos we also provide financing plans and instalment payment plans, so that you don’t have to pay a lump sum up front, which your family would have to do upon your death.

Our counsellors are here to guide you, based on your budget, your vision and your needs.

How Do I Pre-Arrange My Funeral?

When you pre-arrange your funeral, you have to make decisions based on your beliefs and values, and based on those of the people you will be leaving behind.

Your loved ones will find your death difficult and will need to mourn. You therefore need to carefully consider the decisions you make, so that you can help them through the difficult time.

Here are some ideas to think about. Would you like...

  • to give your family members an opportunity to come together?
  • a ceremony that gives your loved ones some down time?
  • a modest or lavish ceremony? A unique or traditional ceremony?
  • a reception after your funeral? 
  • to be laid to rest in a columbarium, a cemetery or a crypt?

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