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Frequently asked questions

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How long is an appointment with an advisor to pre-arrange a funeral?

The appointment length varies greatly and depends on the type of contract. Funeral pre-arrangements usually take two hours. The appointment will be tailored to meet your needs and our advisors will guide you through the various options for funeral ceremonies to help you choose the right funeral for you and your family.

Is a glass-fronted niche more expensive than an enclosed niche?

Prices can vary from one cemetery to another, from one space to another, and from one company to another. However, glass-fronted niches tend to be more expensive.

Can I spread the ashes of my loved one however and wherever I want?

There are no laws governing human ashes in the province of Quebec. However, some municipalities have specific regulations regarding where you can spread ashes. Make sure you take the time to research before making a permanent decision about how and where to spread your loved one’s ashes.

Can I inscribe the name of a living person on a headstone?

Yes, you can inscribe the name of a living person on a headstone. This practice is becoming increasingly common as more people pre-arrange their funerals. When a living person’s name is inscribed on a headstone, their name and date of birth are added. The date of their death is added after the fact.

Can I pay my funeral pre-arrangement in instalments over several months?

Yes, several financing options are available to accommodate your needs.

Is the price of my funeral pre-arrangement set or will it change?

The price of your funeral pre-arrangement is set; that is one of the main advantages of this service. The price is set on the date you purchase your funeral pre-arrangement. You will therefore save on inflation and possible price increases in the future.

Are funeral pre-arrangements governed by law?

A strict law governing funeral pre-arrangements was introduced in the province of Quebec in 1988. The Act Respecting Arrangements for Funeral Services and Sepultures is governed by the Quebec Office de la Protection du Consommateur.

Consult it here.


Is it possible to cancel a pre-arrangement agreement? Is my money protected?

You always have the option of cancelling a funeral pre-arrangement. The Act Respecting Arrangements for Funeral Services and Sepultures includes a section on how to rescind an agreement. When you purchase a funeral pre-arrangement, your money is placed in a trust, which means the funeral home can only access the money when you pass away.

Can I transfer a funeral pre-arrangement agreement from a funeral home that is not part of your network?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. You would need to cancel the funeral pre-arrangement you have with a different home and then enter into a new arrangement with us. However, you can transfer a funeral pre-arrangement agreement within the Urgel Bourgie / Athos network.

Do you bury coffins and urns during the winter?

We bury coffins throughout the year. However, we only bury urns from spring to fall.

Can I give my niche in your columbarium or my plot in your crypt to a family member or friend?

You can transfer your columbarium niche to another person. However, whether you can transfer your plot in our crypt depends on the type of crypt and plot.

Can I plant flowers around the plot I have reserved in your cemetery?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. We are solely responsible for maintaining the grounds and borders in our cemeteries. Our qualified horticulture team maintains our green spaces; therefore clients cannot plant flowers or trees around their plot.

Can I sell a plot which I have purchased in one of your cemeteries?

You may sell your plot, as long as it is unused. First of all, you need to find a buyer. Then, make an appointment with one of our advisors to transfer the rights to the plot.

What happens to the ashes or coffin when the rental term expires?

Several options are available at the end of your rental term. First of all, we will contact the family to determine if it wishes to continue the rental. If the family accepts, we will draw up a new rental agreement. If the family does not want to continue the rental or keep the urn, we will place the urn or coffin in a common grave.

What type of decoration or trinket can I place in the columbarium niche?

You may place a small photo frame in the niche, beside the urn. We do not accept any other form of decoration. This is to ensure there is a harmonious environment in the place of remembrance.

What is the difference between a funeral home and a funeral home complex?

A traditional funeral home usually only has a viewing room, which is ideal when the funeral service takes place in a church or other facility. A funeral home complex is much larger and provides all the services required to organize a funeral, including a viewing room, chapel and reception hall. The concept behind our funeral home complexes is growing in popularity as mourners do not need to move to another location during the funeral ceremony.

What is the difference between a niche and a columbarium?

A columbarium is a room or building containing several niches where funeral urns are stored. Each enclosed or glass-fronted niche can house a single, double or family urn.

What is the difference between a headstone and memorial stone?

Headstones (or tombstones) are stone monuments placed on a burial plot that feature the name of the deceased, their date of birth and death, and often a short epitaph. Headstones are often made of granite. A memorial stone is a smaller stone placed in a garden where urns are buried.

What types of locations are available?

The urns will find their place in our interior columbariums, or in our exterior closed columbariums. The ashes can also be buried in our ecological gardens or on our cremation grounds, highlighted by a memorial stone or a small monument. Our indoor and outdoor crypts can accommodate coffins and urns, as can our burial grounds. We also offer symbolic scattering spaces for ashes.

What are the rental terms for a niche in a columbarium?

The rental terms can vary between 20 and 99 years. Make sure you ask your preferred funeral home or cemetery to share their specific rental terms with you.

If I have to move, can I transfer my funeral pre-arrangement agreement to a funeral home in my new city?

If there is an Urgel Bourgie / Athos funeral home located in your new home, yes, you can transfer the agreement.

If a plot has been reserved for a coffin, but the chosen method of disposition has changed and now there will only be an urn, is it possible to bury more than one urn in the same plot?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. Our cemeteries are conveyed so as to have the capacity for a specific number of bodies or urns per plot. This depends on the location of the plot, the capacity of the soil, and other factors relating to the burial site. That’s why the capacity specified for your lot must be respected, whether you are burying an urn or a coffin.

Do you charge maintenance costs for the plots at your cemetery?

We do not charge annual maintenance fees for our plots, regardless of type.