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Nature to Soothe the Soul

Modern life has driven us to migrate en masse to urban centres and big cities. Although this comes with many resources and opportunities, big cities are also lacking in many things… 


City dwellers are faced with a much more stressful and demanding social environment. The living conditions in urban centres can lead to chronic diseases and mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression. However, even in a city, nature can still soothe the soul—and that’s where ecotherapy comes in. 

What is Ecotherapy?

Ecotherapy uses our relationship with nature in a therapeutic manner to improve our mental health and wellbeing. 


According to psychotherapists from the International Association for Ecotherapy, mental health care services could greatly benefit from integrating green spaces into their practices. Indeed, several studies show that therapeutic programs which include outdoor activities (such as walking, running, or gardening) have a beneficial impact on the mental health of those participating in said activities.


Nature — A Source of Comfort

Green spaces can nourish the body and soothe the mind. Giving yourself up to the peace and quiet around you can help slow your mind and push away any dark thoughts. Therapy can help you take on obstacles in your path with strength and resilience. 


For example, grief is a challenge that most of us have to face at some point in our lives. If your emotions are taking over and the weight of your responsibilities seems to be too much to handle on your own, ecotherapy can help you through the storm.


Soak Up All the Benefits Nature Has to Offer

Forests are the perfect place to soak up nature. But, you don’t have to live in the countryside to enjoy the benefits of ecotherapy: green spaces in urban centres work just as well. Whether you’re in a garden, park or on a walking trail, you want to soak up the nature around you, nourishing your body and mind and giving yourself a break. 


Of course, therapy requires the participation of a health professional, but there’s no reason you cannot implement the principles of ecotherapy into your daily life. For example, you could keep a diary of all the time you spend outside each day. And while you’re taking a break outdoors, try to slow down, breathe deeply, and soak it all up. 

Nature and Our Memorial Gardens

To help families on their journey to finding peace, we’ve partnered with the Quebec company Réflexions du Cœur. Ecotherapy is one of the resources provided by founders Martine Lafontaine and Anouk Leblanc. They provide therapeutic support in the tranquility of our memorial gardens to those grieving.


Our gardens are designed to help you find peace and to encourage reflection, but they are also spaces for living and remembrance. With tree-lined paths, walkways bordered by flowers and peaceful ponds and streams, our memorial gardens are tranquility incarnate. As families stroll through our gardens, beyond the reach of time, nature provides them with its greatest gift: serenity.