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Horticulture and Memorial Gardens

Our memorial gardens are exceptional sites where nature and civilization converge, creating a space beyond the reach of time for those who wander the paths. The trees and plants that make up these spaces are masterfully arranged to create a peaceful, pleasant, sustainable garden. 


Horticulture plays an important role in the design of our memorial gardens. Our company wants to renew the image of traditional cemeteries to align with the values people cherish in today’s day and age. 

Green Space Architecture

We work with expert landscape architects to create gardens that emanate tranquility and peace of mind and that encourage reflection. We also follow the recommendations of environmental specialists to ensure that our memorial gardens are truly in harmony with the environment. 


To enhance the peaceful feel of our gardens, the walkways are wide and inviting. They are lined with a variety of plants, creating a welcoming environment for visitors that doesn't leave them feeling overwhelmed or claustrophobic. Visual elements convey the abundance of nature and its enveloping character. 


Designing the landscaping for a memorial garden requires just as much reflection as designing the plans for a new building. The space needs to flow seamlessly, but it must also submerge the visitor in a reflective experience. Like a silent symphony, the splendour of nature comes alive across the seasons.

The Importance of the Environment

The local environment greatly influences the choice of plants selected for our memorial garden. Wet areas, geology and topography all need to be taken into account when designing the landscaping.


To encourage sustainability and preserve our mandate of environmental responsibility, we also prioritize plants that are native to Quebec in our memorial gardens. We have opted for maple, birch and oak trees, and like to integrate evergreens such as spruce, pine and larch. They retain their splendour throughout the year and add a touch of colour to the gardens, even when the ground is covered with snow.


We also select plants based on environmental activity in the area. While our gardens are, of course, designed for humans, many animal species also find peace there. We work to protect and diversify the wildlife populations in our gardens.

A Place to Find Peace and a Place for Living

From spring to fall, our horticultural team works hard to make our gardens shine. They apply their experience and skills to create beautiful spaces, and they never deviate from their ultimate goal of sustainability and respect for the environment. 


By combining our horticultural team’s technical expertise with the creativity of our landscape architects, we provide a peaceful, beautiful site to those who are grieving. In our peaceful memorial gardens, people in mourning can reflect and share their memories in their own way.


Summer and winter alike, our gardens are open to the public, and we encourage you to come take a stroll and find your personal peaceful spot. The splendour of nature comes to life before our visitors’ very eyes in a fantastic show of colour, whatever the time of year. The natural environment is constantly changing and our gardens are a tribute to life.