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Funerals and Technology

Since the dawn of time, humans have always carefully handled the human remains of their loved ones following their death. Yet in today’s world, some people believe that if you have planned for disposition, there is no need for a funeral ceremony. Thus, in a bid for efficiency, we’re losing the meaning behind these crucial gestures.


When faced with the transition from life to death, people are often confused by the meaning of a funeral and the disposition of the body. However they are actually very different things, and each one is significant in its own way.


Funerals refer to the overall gestures that pay tribute to the deceased. They are moments for reflection, where the deceased’s loved ones can come together and keep the deceased’s memory alive by sharing their memories. 

“Funeral ceremonies are the central point of funeral services”
Disposition of the body
s the conclusion of the funeral process. Disposition is not about gestures or paying tribute to the deceased, but rather the final stage of the funeral, which consists of providing the deceased with a final resting place, whether they have chosen to be cremated or buried. 
Disposition of the body is a complement to the funeral

Funerals, such as the choice of method of disposition, are the expression of deep-rooted values and beliefs. That’s why it’s so important that they are chosen by the person preparing for their death, and that they take into account the opinions of the people they will leave behind. 


The Laval Memorial Garden strives to implement innovation into our funeral traditions. We have developed a range of digital tools to help adapt funerals to the reality of modern-day life, from providing a virtual place of commemoration to well wishes from afar and online ceremonies. 


Technology can bring families together despite the distance separating them. It can immortalize memories. And can send our thoughts across oceans. Technology has enabled funerals to find their place in the modern world and to look to the future.