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Mausoleum: crypt and niches, what to choose?

By Camille Baillargeon, Content Writer

A mausoleum is a space of peace and quiet, where the remains of a loved one can be laid to rest. At Urgel Bourgie / Athos, we've built a contemporary, uncluttered and bright mausoleum that makes a difference. It's designed for families looking for a unique final resting place.

The choice of a burial site must be carefully considered, in addition to being the resting place of your deceased loved one, it is also a place of contemplation that allows the living to work through their grief. Let's take a look at the various features offered in a mausoleum.


The term crypt refers to a wall cavity with a flat base that can accommodate one or more coffins. Here are the different types of cryptss commonly found at our mausoleum:

• Single: as the name suggests, this crypt contains just one coffin. The coffin must be made of metal, and hermetically sealed for longevity.

• Double tandem (lengthwise - foot to foot or head to head): This configuration is used to place two caskets end-to-end, close to eachother. Placement is at your discretion. It is particularly appropriate for two individuals who do not wish to be separated.

• Westminster (double or triple): The Westminster crypt is only available on the AA level, i.e. the crypt closest to ground level. Second (or third) coffins are lowered under the floor to be placed one on top of the other.

• Family chapels (up to 24) or semi-chapels (up to 12): for families who wish to stay together even in the final disposition, we also offer family chapels, for up to 24 caskets, or semi-chapels, for up to a dozen caskets, brought together in a peaceful setting.


The mausoleum also houses a columbarium, a funerary space built to hold urns containing ashes. Several sizes and types of niches are available within this columbarium:

•  Single glass: With a glass front for a clear view inside, this 12-inch-high niche can accommodate from one to four urns (depending on the size of the urns). Pricing is determined by the niche's position on the wall. Those at eye level will be more expensive than those at the top or bottom of the wall.

• Double or triple glazed: These niches are simply larger (two or three times) in surface area. However, they are just as high as single niches.

• Family niches: Family niches are our largest available columbarium spaces. They can hold from 4 to 16 urns, and are ideal for bringing all the members of a family or group under the same roof, while remaining accessible. In the case of glazed niches, you can place small framed portraits or decorative objects of significance to your loved ones.

• Double-sided corner: In certain very specific cases, we also offer a corner niche with glass on both sides, for greater luminosity and visibility. Although rarer, they are very popular.

We are currently developing a new section, offering a multitude of different lots. If you're inspired by the idea of our bright, modern mausoleum, contact us at 514-735-2025 to find out more about the Mausolée de la Fontaine in Laval, now available for pre-sale.