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Avis de décès

Angela Fuda (Née Iannizzi)
Captation des rituels

À Montréal, le 1 septembre 2021, est décédée à l'âge de 69 ans, Angela Iannizzi. Elle rejoint son cher époux Francesco Fuda, sa soeur Maria Rosa et son frère Carmelo et ses parents Vincenzo Rosario et Maria Annunziata.

Elle laisse dans le deuil ses enfants adorés Maria (Gennarino), Giuseppe (Ripa), Vincenzo et Rita, ses chers petits-enfants Luca, Antonio, Sofia, Mikaela, son frère et ses soeurs Caterina, Antonio (Isabella), Rita (Nico) , son beau-frère Nico (Rosetta), sa belle-soeur Nunzia, plusieurs neveux et nièces ainsi que nombreux parents et amis.

La famille recevra les condoléances le lundi 6 septembre 2021 de 14h à 17h et de 19h à 21h et mardi le 7 septembre de 9h à 11h au Complexe funéraire Urgel Bourgie 6700 Beaubien est, Montréal.

Les funérailles auront lieu le mardi 7 septembre 2021 à 11h30 en l'église Notre-Dame de la Défense (6800 av. Henri-Julien, Montréal, H2S 2V4.)

Vos marques de sympathie peuvent se traduire par un don à l’organisme de votre choix ou directement à la famille.

La famille accueillera parents et amis au :

6700 rue Beaubien Est, Montréal

Heures des visites

lundi le 06 septembre 2021 14:00 à 17:00
    19:00 à 21:00
mardi le 07 septembre 2021 09:00 à 11:00
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Témoignages à la mémoire de Angela Fuda (Née Iannizzi)

Collegue Franco
09 septembre 2021
Dear Rita, Just learned this sad news and wish to express my sincere condolences to you and your family. May the happy moments you had with your mother and the love you shared help you through this sad period.
Eric and Carol
07 septembre 2021
Dear Joe, Ripa and family, Our deepest condolences to you and your family. Please know you are in our thoughts and we are sending prayers your way. Love and hugs, Eric and Carol
Jean-François Courval
06 septembre 2021
Dear family members and especially you Ripa and Joe, Angela was a very impressive Lady and this was obvious to me the instant I met her 5 years ago. It was September and she was making her traditional tomato sauce. I took an immediate interest because I was in the process of learning to make my own. I was selfishly looking for ways to make my own sauce better. She knew, however that was just fine; she shared and told me what she taught I was doing right. I have been so thankful for her openness. I will miss not being able to have more conversations with her. However, I will also treasure those memories of her because in the end, they are, like Angela, so precious. Your friend, Jean-François
Cristina e Eliodoro Cicchino
06 septembre 2021
Di nuovo , Ri-Buongiorno *Caterina , *Antonio, *Rita, *Giuseppe, *Maria, *Rita e *Vincenzo e famiglia+ e amici+ Di Angela . Vi offriamo le nostre profonde Condoglianze e vi guardiamo nei nostri pensieri. Vostra sorella e madre era veramente eccezionale. CI ha lasciato Dei bei ricordi ,come un diamante che non finiranno mai Di brillare. La Sua accoglienza Fu sempre splendida. Con affeto, Condoglianze
Cristina e Eliodoro Cicchino
06 septembre 2021
Buongiorno Giuseppe, Maria, Rita e Vincenzo Fuda. Vi offriamo le nostre Condoglianze e vi guardiamo nei nostri pensieri. Vostra madre era veramente eccezionale. Dei bei ricordi che come un diamante che non finiranno mai Di brillare. La Sua accoglienza Fu sempre splendida. Con affeto, Condoglianze
Zio Antonio Iannizzi, Zia Isabella, nipoti Vincenzo, Maria e Cristina
06 septembre 2021
Our sincere and heartfelt condolences to all of you. the wonderful memory of your mom will forever remain cherished and honoured. Angela, a friend, a devoted wife, a mother, an aunt always dedicated to family. A beautiful sister who always valued respect and responsibility. A woman always willing to help everyone as best as possible, we always appreciated you & you will be missed ---- Condoglianze sincere Di cuore a tutti . la memoria Della vostra carissima madre rimanera' honorata ed anche molto cara per sempre. Angela, un'amica, una moglie devota,una madre,una Zia, dedicata alla famiglia. Una bellissima sorella che ha sempre valorizato il rispetto e la responsabilita' , Una Donna sempre disposta ad aiutare tutti il Meglio possibile, ti abbiamo sempre apprezzata, e Sarai mancata
Giuseppina Scali
06 septembre 2021
Carissima Maria, nel nostro reciproco dolore ti faccio le condoglianze per la tua cara mamma da parte della mia mamma Angela, mie e della mia famiglia, di mio fratello Stefano e famiglia. Il pensiero va ai momenti passati insieme alla tua mamma, sorelle e fratelli e zii a Santo Todaro. Eravamo ragazzi, tanto ci siamo divertiti. Rimangono ricordi indelebili nel mio cuore. Un fortissimo abbraccio a te, alla tua famiglia e a tutti i nostri familiari e a tutti coloro che l'hanno conosciuta e amata. Un fortissimo abbraccio. Pina
Elie Antebi
05 septembre 2021
Salut Nos sincères condoléances Nos pensées sont avec vous dans ces moments difficiles. On espère se voir bientôt
Sonia Benezra
05 septembre 2021
It is with a heavy heart that I write you these words to you my beautiful friends Maria and Rita and the entire Fuda family.. No words could express the sadness I felt upon hearing of your beloved mother’s passing… She gave all she could and more to stay by her family throughout endless health struggles .. I had the pleasure of meeting her.. her kindness and gentle spirit touched me immediately..her eyes said all she couldn’t… As you all navigate the future without her physical presence you must never doubt that she will never be gone .. you will carry and honour her always by being the best that you can be.. Now to you Maria allow me this moment to tell you how very much I love you. Your dedication and endless efforts to make your mothers life easier were truly amazing…You have been an exceptional daughter… ( you too Rita) As you move forward I pray that your sadness will diminish and be replaced by peace of mind in knowing that you did all you could and more…may G-d spare you all further pain and grief.. Sending you my deepest heartfelt condolences With love… Sonia
05 septembre 2021
Sending my love to those who mama Fuda love and those wbo loved her. May she rest in peace and continue to bless her loved ones from heaven. She left a legacy of compassion & kindness through her children & grandchildren. My sincere condolences for all those who will miss her dearly.
Fil and orlando
04 septembre 2021
Maria, joe, Vincenza abd Rita so sad to hear these bad news. Our prayers are with you in this difficult time. Too young to go, but will be reunited with your dad.
Diane and Matteo
03 septembre 2021
Dear Joe and Ripa, All our sympathies to you and to the Family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. May your mother rest in peace. Diane and Matteo

Captation des rituels

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Le pictogramme ci-dessous, se trouvant dans la section avis de décès, vous permet d’accéder à la captation des rituels.

Le service de captation des rituels est disponible aux complexes funéraires Beaumont, Beaubien et Lasalle et aux cimetières Côte-de-Liesse et Saint-Hubert.

N’hésitez pas à communiquer avec nous au 1 844 735-2025 pour plus d’informations.

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