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Avis de décès

Reverend Ronald Mahabir

À l'hôpital Anna-Laberge , est décédé le 11 juillet 2021 Reverend Ronald Mahabir, époux de Angela Eccles.

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Témoignages à la mémoire de Reverend Ronald Mahabir

Judy Sayers
07 août 2021
Although I only met Uncle Ron in recent years though DNA genealogy, I quickly discovered that he was wonderful and kind person. In such a short time he made a positive and heart warming impact in my heart. To Aunt Gemma, Leela, and all of the Mahabir family I offer my sincere condolences. Uncle Ron will be missed.
Afrose Ali
06 août 2021
It was a blessing to know Ron and his family and we will always remember his loving smile and wonderful dancing , all the good memories and fun we had , it will always live in our hearts. Love Ashik , Afrose ,Amir and Chad .
Linda Bratty
06 août 2021
Dear You Lynda and family , I'm so sorry to know of your loss. I know how much you really adored your father .My prayers are with you all. With sincerest sympathy , Linda Bratty
Kosta Theofanos, Chaplain. Maplewood
06 août 2021
In life we will meet exceptionally giving people; of time and talent who will intimate to us what the love of God looks like. Whether you knew him long or for just a little, Rev Ron Mahabir was such a person. He will be sorely missed. We pray the Divine Spirit grant his wife Gemma, his family and the Presbytery of Montreal and his many friends peace and comfort at this time. Soli Deo gloria
R. D. Jadoo
05 août 2021
Aunt Gemma and the wonderful family of Uncle Ronald. We want to express our heart felt condolences for your great loss. I will always remember Uncle as a kind and gentle person, one who showed is love to others in word and deed. I cherish the memory of our last conversation when he called to check in on our family after my dad passed away. Uncle will always hold a very important place in my heart especially for his Kingdom Work. May our Heavenly Father give peace to each of you, and may Uncle hear the words “Well done thou good and faithful servant”. God’s Blessings.
Connie Gariepy
26 juillet 2021
My very deepest condolences to the family. He was truly a beautiful soul. Thinking of all of you.
Sybil Tabb
25 juillet 2021
Dear Gemma & family…My sincere condolences and deepest sympathy at this sad time…..I remember Ron as a sincere & humble person. May he forever R.I.P.
Brandice Ashe Campbell
25 juillet 2021
The first English Teacher that truly recognized my passion for writing and litterature! Rest in peace Mr. Mahabir, you were a beautiful inspiration to my education, and will forever carry your kind words throughout my life!
Sheldon O’Connor
25 juillet 2021
I feel all of us who knew Mr.Mahabir from H.S. Billings are deeply saddened by his passing, but also know we were privileged to have known him. What a wonderful and beautifully obituary, my sincerest condolences to the family and his friends.
Susan Plomer Truffa
24 juillet 2021
Sincere condolences to the family. I remember him from my days as a school commissioner, a very pleasant gentleman. May he rest in peacee.
Brenda Lederhose
23 juillet 2021
My Condolences to the Family, Mr Mahabir was one of my Favorite teachers in Billings, always loved going to his English Class, and I was not huge fan of school, but loved his class, he made a huge impact on many students. R.I.P
Deborah Wilson
23 juillet 2021
I believe the first time we met Charlie Gorayeb was in Mr. Mahabir's English class!
Deborah Wilson
23 juillet 2021
So sorry to hear of Mr Mahabir's passing. He was one of my teachers at Billings in Chateauguay. Many fond memories - he was such a good and patient teacher and a real gentleman.
Roop Mahabir
23 juillet 2021
There is an old faded black and white photograph of me, my right hand curled up to my right eye as if wiping tears away, taken probably about 70 years ago. It was my mother’s ( God rest her soul) favorite photo. It was taken by my uncle Ron in front of our home in Mc Bean Village, Couva, Trinidad. I also remember a birthday present given to me by uncle Ron that my mother wished he hadn’t given me - a harmonica, which I played incessantly and drove my parents crazy. I was too young to know how to play it, but that started my love for music. I remember the many days I would see uncle Ron sitting on the concrete bannister in our front porch and reading, sometimes reciting poetry aloud. In later years, after uncle Ron had left to further his education in Canada, I remember going through our collection of the many books that he left with my parents and being truly impressed by how well-read he was and the diversity of his reading. I, in turn, developed a great interest in reading. Uncle Ron was also the first one in our family to go abroad and get a university education. Everyone in our family was very proud of all his accomplishments. Uncle Ron, I still am. You were an inspiration to everyone in our family. Thank you for your kindness. I will, as all of us will, remember you for everything you meant to our family. Rest In Peace, my dear uncle….and my sincere condolences to Aunt Gemma, his beautiful daughters, friends and colleagues.
Joanne Grimes Wright
23 juillet 2021
Mr. Mahabir was one of my teachers at Chateauguay High School between1962-1966. He was a wonderful teacher for whom I had the utmost respect. He had a wry sense of humour and I will always remember him as being a very kind and gentle man. He briefly attended a high school reunion at Billings in 2013, and I am thankful to have had an opportunity to chat with him at that time. Surprisingly, he remembered me! My sincere condolences to his family.
Shirley and Al Albrant
23 juillet 2021
Dear Gemma and all the family, our deepest sympathy goes out to you all. May Ron now be safe in the arms of Jesus.
Jason calvert
23 juillet 2021
Mr. Mahabir was the second teacher i met at Billings (the first was the late Farid Guindi). I remember walking into his class and this smiling gentleman was standing at the front at his "podium" (a re purposed drafting table) he introduced himself with humor, telling us pronouncing his name was easy... maha and beer, like the drink His humor and interest in the subject he taught made it come alive. I was not someone who would normally be interested in Ulysses but Mr Mahabir truly made it come alive. All through high school he was one of those teachers you knew you could always go and chat with. I remember when he signed my yearbook with one of his great words of wisdom "from one cook to another, when times are tough and you cant make both ends meet... make one vegetables" Rest in peace Mr. Mahabir
Ann-Christine Gurholt
23 juillet 2021
My sincere condolences to family and friends. Mr. Mahabir as I called him, was one of my favourite teachers. He always had time to listen and made learning interesting and he made life at Billings a better place. He will be sadly missed by not only family and friends but by his students at HSB. I am in Calgary otherwise I'd attend his funeral. Prayers sent your way. Ann-Christine Gurholt
Natalie Smith
23 juillet 2021
My sincere condolences to Sherry and her family, I will try to go to the service, and will definitely say a prayer for all of you.
Micheline Primeau (McDonald)
23 juillet 2021
Sincerest condolences to Mr. Mahabir's family, friends and the many students in which lives he enriched. Godspeed.
23 juillet 2021
He was the first teacher i met at HSB. He helped me learn the language in both oral nd written for. He never judged people. I could not have written a more beautiful or accurate obituary, but I must make mention of his great sense of humour. His eyes sparkled when he was kidding, and you knew the witty comment was on the way. I will miss him dearly. Condolences to the whole family.
23 juillet 2021
I love you, Dad.
Erich and Audrey Bauer
23 juillet 2021
Dear Gemma and family, we extend our sincere sympathy in the passing of your husband and father. May God give you strength during this difficult time. Erich and Audrey Bauer
Sue (Susilla) Gajadhar
23 juillet 2021
I am very saddened and grieved by the passing of my dear Uncle. I wished that I could have seen him just one more time, to hear him tell stories of his early life, recite poems, and proudly showing his garden. I am comforted that we were able to spend some time with him in the last few years. Uncle Ron was the youngest and last of the Mahabir brothers to have passed on. He was loved and will be missed by all who have known him. He was a brilliant scholar and a humble man. He is gone but not forgotten. He will forever be etched in our memories. May you rest in peace, my dear Uncle! 'Till we meet again!
Jai & Dee Persaud
22 juillet 2021
Dearest Gemma, we extend our deepest condolences to you and your family on the passing of your beloved husband Ron. May he Rest In Peace and may God keep you in good health and strong faith that you will one day in the distant future rejoin Ron as you continue your love, beautiful memories and happiness in each other’s arms again. Stay strong and continue to live happily for both of you. Jai & Dee Persaud.
Susan Mahabir
22 juillet 2021
Uncle Ron had been a blessing to so many. His love will live on forever in many hearts. Rest In Peace Uncle Ron!
Carole Moller
22 juillet 2021
May his soul Rest In Peace,,,RON Would be sadly missed by all

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