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Avis de décès

Vasiliki Marinakos
Captation des rituels

À Ottawa, est décédée le 12 janvier 2021 Madame Vasiliki Marinakos, épouse de Philip Pedersen.

La famille accueillera parents et amis au :

1255 Beaumont, Mont-Royal

Heures des visites

dimanche le 17 janvier 2021 13:00 à 15:00

Service funéraire

Les funérailles auront lieu le 18 janvier 2021 11:00 à l'adresse suivante: St-Georges Cathedrale.

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Témoignages à la mémoire de Vasiliki Marinakos

Kathie Petrakos
28 février 2021
A poem I wrote for you Bessie. IN THE CLOUDS I still search for you everywhere I go In a crowded street A park bench In the rain In the clouds My search always ends With your sweet face Embedded in my memory I will forever keep you close I know you are always there Be with me Watch over me Help me continue in this place With this void in my heart and the wet tears On my face. I have no other words except to say I loved her deeply and I think she knew it because I told her how much she meant to me just before she died. My sympathies to Philip, Margaret, Peter and Mary and all the family and friends who will miss her deeply.
Curt Mainville
25 janvier 2021
It saddens me to learn of Bessie's passing. She was among the first of my PSel friends and will be remembered for her compassion and kindness. I offer my sincerest condolences to Phil and Margaret-Sophia.
Pantelis Basourakos
21 janvier 2021
Vasiliki “Vasso” Marinakos, was an incredible, loving, sweet and caring person. As the daughter of my God Parents, Vasiliki made her presence during my childhood unforgettable. For Christmas and Birthdays she would bring me gifts and during Easter, she would bring me out, every year until the age of 12, to purchase me new shoes for Easter, a huge chocolate Easter egg, a beautiful candle used for Saturday night Easter services and Tsoureki, (Sweet Greek Bread usually baked during Easter Time). Talking and laughing with her during those outings would bring me much joy. As a child, having a grown up to talk to with such a sweet disposition can make all the difference. The memories I have of Vasiliki are ones of happiness and joy. I am saddened by her passing. May she Rest In Peace in the Loving and Protective arms of our Lord. Her spirit and resiliency will live on in her family and friends. I will never forget you, Vasso. Thank you for making my childhood special with your love, caring and sweet character. May God and Christ watch over you, your entire family and friends. Love you always, Nouna.
Diane Hartigan
20 janvier 2021
Philip, Margaret and family: My thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time. I was part of the support staff at PDev Ottawa when Bessie did her On Job Training. Her pleasant and friendly demeanour was enjoyed by staff and clients, alike. She was genuinely dedicated to assisting the military clients she served, showing compassion to all. I will be forever grateful for the kindness and guidance she showed my newly-wed daughter those many years ago. Rest in peace, Bessie. You will be missed.
Evaggelia and family
19 janvier 2021
There are no words to say this moment to alleviate your grief.Only time can heal your souls.Vasiliki was a real fighter in her life.She gave a lot to all of us.Our deepest condolences to Philip, Margarita and all of her family. May she Rest in Peace...
Chantal Fraser
19 janvier 2021
I had the privilege of working with Bessie for two years, while we were both posted to 8 Wing Trenton (2007-2009). We became friends, sharing ideas, dreams, and giving each other advice about some of the challenges we faced. I fondly remember family dinners, how our children entertained each other, while Phil, Bessie, Michael and I “solved the problems of the world.” Bessie was a consummate hostess, and so easy to talk to. I already miss Bessie’s insightful ideas, wit and sense of humour. Best wishes to Phil and Margaret, and to everyone else who misses Bessie.
Julie Labrecque
17 janvier 2021
Mes sympathies et pensées vont vers vous. Bessie was one of my first on-job-training trainee. So calm and so funny. We became friend and I always had time for her like she always had time for me. She thought it was funny that I was able to pronounce her first name properly and we came to see how much our paths always crossed before without really meeting. With Pam, Ann, and Lynne, we had so much fun working at PDev in Ottawa. Her curiousity was inspiring, true and will me missed. I am having a special thought for you Phil and for you Margaret: she was so proud of you both and was shining when she was talking about you. May time be good for you and may she stay close to you. She will be remembered. Bessie my friend, I miss you already but I know you will be there for us. You are now a star for all after being a star in our life on earth. Bon voyage mon amie.
Grant Sherriffs
17 janvier 2021
This is the saddest news I have heard in a long time. Bessie was the most professional, selfless individual I have ever met and to think that she won't be with us anymore is just wrong on so many counts. She had so much more to give. Just a real soldier in every sense of the word. The world is a lesser place without her. RIP, Bessie. you're one in a million.
Annie Germain
17 janvier 2021
All our sympathy to Phil, Margaret and family. We met Bessie and Phil through our daughter Delphine. She and Margaret were in the same classroom, grade 2, if my memory is good. Delphine had her first sleepover at Margaret’s and since then, the two of them have developed a genuine friendship. Delphine has so many good memories of the time that she spent with them. It always make me smile when Delphine is telling us all the good driving tactics that Bessie showed her! She was such a wonderful and kind person with a big heart. Gone too soon. We will miss her. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family in theses difficult times.
Dorothy Shipley
16 janvier 2021
Bessie and I worked not far from each other at Carling Campus and it was there that I got to see her quiet determination, her incredible love for her family, and especially her pride in her daughter. I am deeply saddened that she is gone, as she was far too young and did not deserve this ending. My deepest condolences to Phil, Margaret, and all of her family. May you find comfort in her memory.
Margaret Barrett
16 janvier 2021
My condolences to Bessie's family and friends. Although short, it was my pleasure to have worked with Bessie and to see what a kind, intelligent person she was. RIP Bessie.
Tonia Alves
16 janvier 2021
I had the privilege of getting to know Bessie over the last year and a half. She was a fighter, with a gentle soul! I did my best to make sure she was as comfortable as possible in the transition house her and Phil were staying at. She was so proud of her daughter and very grateful she got to spend some quality time together during these Covid times. My sincere condolences to you Phil, Margaret and all her extended family.
Janice Carey
16 janvier 2021
My husband Bob and I have fond memories of working and teaching with Bessie at BCS summer school. She was wise beyond her years and gave thoughtful guidance to those who worked with her. She had a fun sense of humour which she tried at times to hide. Our sincere sympathies to Phil, her daughter Margaret and the extended family. May her memory be always in your heart and may God comfort you in this time of grief.
Mary Pierce
16 janvier 2021
Besse was an extraordinary person. She was in my section when I worked at Transition Centre Ottawa. Her drivers and I had a saying “we could ever say No to Capt M”. I enjoyed her directness, her insightful intellect and kind soul. Her humour, honesty and her genuine sincerity. She provided me with enlightened advice. I will be forever grateful I was able to spend time with Besse. My condolences to Phil who was an amazing caretaker and companion, to her beloved daughter whom she loved dearly. Capt M you will be remembered fondly with love. Mary Pierce
Heather Raney
16 janvier 2021
My heartfelt condolences to Phil, Margaret and all of Bessie’s family and close friends. I met Bessie while working with her in the Air Force here in Ottawa. During that time I knew she a survivor/thrivor/warrior and an inspiration to all. Although quiet and unassuming, she was a very wise soul and offered so much of herself to the CAF and RCAF. She will be sorely missed by all who knew her. May we all cherish those kind memories we have of this truly awesome woman. And may she Rest In Peace, as she guards over her family and friends!
Lucy Gagnon
16 janvier 2021
I met Bessy when we worked in the same building (2010-2015ish). We were part of the same small group of military members who trained at the gym together in the morning. We would talk, in the locker room about working out while aging, kids, family and other world actualities. She was smart, articulate and positive in all our chats. She loved her family very much (in her comments), and she was a pleasure to talk to.... She was taken too early but RIP, Bessy that you have touched many and in true form taught us.
Pam Pahl
16 janvier 2021
The news of Bessie's passing brings deep sadness. Having met Bessie at Cornwall, we had formed a connection, then met Nancy Perron and invited her to play a board game, and we had so many laughs at that conference and others. I will never forget how Bessie was either very entertained or just plain embarrassed watching us dance and then karaoke a country song - no amount of cajoling could convince her to join us. She was always so stoic and matter-of-fact, and she had such a wonderful sense of humour. Having kept in touch throughout the years, Bessie would discuss her latest projects, and her dedication to every single project was so evident. The conversation always turned to family, and on one of our last calls, we marvelled at how the years had just flown by, and how her daughter had just started out in elementary school and was now suddenly, it seemed, was serving in the CAF. Bessie was incredibly proud of her family and had achieved so much throughout her own civilian and military careers. Having been at the right time and place to have established that special type of friendship with Bessie was really an honour. Please accept thoughts of peace and courage during this very difficult time of loss.
Lenora Collins
15 janvier 2021
My sincerest condolences to Phil, Margaret, and Bessie’s extended family. I have had the heartfelt pleasure of knowing Bessie for over 14 years. She was always the quiet type, but so perceptive, incredibly smart, and truly humble. We spent a lot of time together in Borden when we completed our basic PSel course and upon graduation, we were both promoted together. I had always hoped we would work side by side and although our careers took us to different parts of the country, I always looked forward to reconnecting with Bessie when our paths would meet again. We shared many a laughs and I was always amazed at her ability to correctly read someone in the blink of an eye. Stuffy policy meetings were made bearable when I sat next to Bessie. I will sorely miss our talks, her helpful advice whether it was work related or about personal matters - she always had an uncanny ability to see things through a different lens. It was always evident that family really mattered to Bessie and there is no doubt how much she loved Phil and Margaret. Her eyes did shine when she talked about Margaret’s accomplishments – you really were her pride and joy. Bessie was an amazing person and will be sorely missed.
Nancy Perron
15 janvier 2021
Please accept my deepest and most heartfelt condolences to Phil, Margaret and all Bessie’s family and friends, who I know she deeply loved. She was my most cherished friend. I will miss her every day, as I know you will. We first met in the military – when she had been ill and returned to duty early than expected. She came to work with a bandana on her head because the treatment had made her lose all her hair. I was her supervisor and as her health improved– she returned to wearing her uniform at work. She insisted that being in uniform and having every hair in place was important. Each morning we would spend the first 30 minutes fixing her hair as it grew in many different directions. That is how I came to be her boss and over time her very good friend. It is hard not to build a special bond during these types of circumstances. She told me how she joined the military after 9/11 to do her part. She was just that type of person. She has made a mark on my life in a way that I can never forget. I am truly honoured to know and to have been fortunate to have her as a friend. While she is gone from sight, she will never be gone from my heart. Friendship is one of the most important relationships to have and, that, I can have forever. RIP Bessie. And lastly but most importantly … Capt Marinakos, stand down your post, your job is done.
Marie-Eve Brisson
15 janvier 2021
My deepest sympathies for your loss. Bessie truly was a beautiful person who has touched us at CFTDC. Margaret, she often talked about your attending RMC and she was so very proud of you! She used a calm tone but her eyes gleamed of the pride she was feeling inside. I send you love in these difficult moments.
Elisa Cass
15 janvier 2021
My deepest condolences to Philip, Margaret-Sophia and the entire family. A life lost too soon. Bessie was a very kind person and did not deserve the hand she was dealt. She was a warrior in her fight against cancer over many years; a testament to her resiliency. May your memories keep her near your hearts.
Chris Lyon
15 janvier 2021
My heartfelt condolences to friends and family. So sad to lose such a wonderful person.
Marie Norris
15 janvier 2021
My thoughts and prayers are with all Bessie’s family at this sad time. Bessie was a very kind and thoughtful person that I had the pleasure of knowing during her time in the CAF. She will be missed and remembered with fondness.
Kathleen Currie
15 janvier 2021
Deepest condolences to the family and friends of Bessie. I didn’t have the opportunity to directly work with her, but I always found her to be a very kind and hard working person. She will be greatly missed.
Tom, Neena, Kyle and Natasha
15 janvier 2021
Philip and Margaret, we are so sorry for your loss. Bessie was a remarkable woman and we have so many fond memories of her, especially from when we were neighbours in Ottawa all those years ago. I'm glad we got to see her a few times last summer. She fought a very brave fight and we will always remember her with love.
Heather Ryan
15 janvier 2021
I first met Bessie during our Basic Training in St Jean. We crossed paths many times over our career and I will remember her as a very caring person. RIP

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