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Avis de décès

Brook Edwards
Captation des rituels

À Montréal est décédé le 11 novembre 2019, à l'âge de 31 ans, Monsieur Brook Edwards.

Il laisse dans le deuil de nombreux parents et amis.

La famille accueillera parents et amis au :

1275 Dollard, Lasalle

Heures des visites

vendredi le 15 novembre 2019 17:00 à 19:00

Service funéraire

Les funérailles auront lieu le 15 novembre 2019 19:00 à l'adresse suivante: 1275 Dollard, LaSalle - en la chapelle du complexe.

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Témoignages à la mémoire de Brook Edwards

Richard galipeau
01 janvier 2020
I still remember first time I met u Helping you. Put me on new path . Remember sneaking u into government housing. And when u found that apartment right next to me. I new had good friend close to me. Shur people will remember our high way ride of trouble we been threw. But when u found Tanya .moved her in apartment . I was happy for u . Always one step from me. I just had child lost it. Then u had child lost him. Always we shared so much pain together. Hurt people with our actions never mean I ng a thing buy it other then chasssing the devil tools . It was hard to believe until today I seen this page and new this was not done fake his death disapear change his life. You really dead. But I no were u are. In heaven.cause it's not about our actions that get us there it's your heart . It was always great. Greatest quality was u were momas boy. Reminded me of me when had a family. Love u bro . I wish it was not u .I'll see u soon brother but not to soon.Causw it's BROTHERs DIENG like u . That keep me in the straight and straight .R .I.P And my deepest condolences to mother and Sammy the sister. Probably Remember me little .. I'm terribly sorry for your loss. And your grand child look so much like him. He will live on threw him
Samantha edwards
20 novembre 2019
I love you
Tami McDonald
17 novembre 2019
Dear Pat, Russell, Umtella, and Samantha I am really sorry for your loss! I remember when I was a kid and we used have BBQ'S at your house. I also remember all of us at Saint Lawrence Church. Deepest Sympathy Tami
16 novembre 2019
Holy crap I just found out about this and I am in shock because he was so young. He use to just stop by my place and just have a coffee or a pop and we would chat for hours kind you he hasn’t stopped in in a while. I’ve known him at his worst and at his best and he was a very kind and sweet young man. To his wife Tanya, his son, his family and friends I am deeply sorry for your loss. He will definitely be missed. R.i.p my friend Brooke
Alice Hunter
16 novembre 2019
Dear family, Even though I never met Brook, I feel I knew him through the love of his mother Pat, and his sister Sam, who both loved him unconditional and wholehearted. As he set beside the brook of still waters in God's garden know that a part of him will always remain on earth in your hearts and memories. Rest in his love arms forever. Pastor A Hunter
Jean-Paul Bruneau
15 novembre 2019
My condolences to Brooks family and friends. I'll never forget the time Brook came over to our house and inspired me to create an old school rap beat that we named Brook. All that inspiration came from Brook laying out some sweet words ... I wish we had finished it. Rest In Power little Braddha. You will be missed.
Russel Edwards
15 novembre 2019
To my loving son Brook, this is your dad ''Wawho''. You have left me without saying bye. Now I am brokenhearted. I will be thinking of you, I wanted so badly for us to enjoy our time. Now you are safe in your life. Love you dearly. - Wawho xoxo
Claudine Alleyne
15 novembre 2019
Brook, you will be missed until we meet again. Everytime we see a little squirrel, the name will definitely be Marcel. Our heartfelf sympathy aunt Patsy and to the whole family. Love, Claudine and family.
Diane Alleyne
14 novembre 2019
Brook, I love you. I always have. Your Aund. (personal joke between us)
14 novembre 2019
We were the youngest of our generation. I have many memories of you. From when you were young and that white stuffed animal puppy you had, watching the Digimon movie, not quite too old for kids movies, Air Cadets and being there with Sam, Kim and Chris during the ice storm. I will miss you Brook.
14 novembre 2019
Psalm 118:22 The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone. You have always been my guardian angel. Love you always and forever. Sam
14 novembre 2019
Dear Brook, You are and will be dearly missed. Love, Aunt Shirl
Patricia Alleyne
13 novembre 2019
My darling Brook: what am I going to do without you? Who is going g to tell me those silly jokes? Who is going to sing with me? I know you are in a better place but I am sad that I won't be able to talk to you, share our thoughts...... I love you dearly. Even though you have passed you will always be close to me. So until we meet. My unconditional love, Margie Mommie

Captation des rituels

Urgel Bourgie / Athos met à la disposition de la famille et amis un service de captation des rituels en ligne.
Ce service est accessible à partir d’un ordinateur, d’une tablette ou d’un téléphone intelligent, pour tous ceux qui ne peuvent assister à la cérémonie sur place.

Le pictogramme ci-dessous, se trouvant dans la section avis de décès, vous permet d’accéder à la captation des rituels.

Le service de captation des rituels est disponible aux complexes funéraires Beaumont, Beaubien et Lasalle et aux cimetières Côte-de-Liesse et Saint-Hubert.

N’hésitez pas à communiquer avec nous au 1 844 735-2025 pour plus d’informations.

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