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Avis de décès

Edith May Brown

À Greenfield Park, est décédée le 28 février 2018, à l'âge de 82 ans, Madame Edith May Brown, épouse de feu John Caine.

Elle laisse dans le deuil parents et amis.

La famille accueillera parents et amis au :

8145 Chemin de Chambly , St-Hubert

Heures des visites

mardi le 13 mars 2018 11:00 à 13:00

Service funéraire

Les funérailles auront lieu le 13 mars 2018 13:00 à l'adresse suivante: 8145, chemin de Chambly St-Hubert (Québec) J3Y 5K2; à la chapelle du complexe.

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Témoignages à la mémoire de Edith May Brown

pam webber
15 mars 2018
There really has never been anyone like Mrs. C... she was a charm - I am very glad I knew her :)
Claude Gauthier
11 mars 2018
I knew Edith several years ago. She was for me a very good neighbor, if not the best among those who stayed in the same apartment. I only have good memories of her. Rest in peace.
Claude Gauthier
11 mars 2018
J'ai connu Edith il y a plusieurs années déjà. Elle fut pour moi une très bonne voisine, sinon la meilleur parmis ceux qui ont demeurés dans le même appartement. Je n'ai que de bons souvenirs d'elle. Repose en paix.
Wayne Brown
09 mars 2018
Memories!!! Ha where do I start. You been close and big part of my all life. There hasn't been a day in it that somewhere or sometime you weren't on my mind, more like an older sister much like Nola said a friend to discuss all those things I couldn't talk to Mom & Dad about when I was a teenager. All the times you Johnny and Mom & Dad had your weekend get togethers at home with Francis and Donnie and Jack & Norma. Time is always to short it never seems to be the right time to leave I have traveled to many places and as promised I posted pictures so you could come along. Anna & I alway made a point to visit when we got back to tell you about those places. We will miss you until we meet again say hi to the gang and let the party begin!
Sandra Boucher
09 mars 2018
Dear Aunt Eddie One of my memories of you growing up is when shopping with my mother at Wise Brothers When I was 9 , you could always be seen working at the Pic-Nik wearing your Red Apron and Hat. You were a hard working lady who worked many of hours to give your family everything they needed. Rest in Peace Love Sandy
rita crevier
08 mars 2018
I remember when Edie and John lived upstairs from me on Roosevelt Street in St. Hubert. We had some great times with them and all the family. She was such a hard working woman going to work so early in the morning but always a beautiful smile on her face. She was a great mom and a loving wife. The world has lost a very special person. Soar with the angels Edie. R.I.P. xoxoxox
Nola Kendall
06 mars 2018
Dear Auntie Edie, I will always remember our chats when I was a teenager and spent many an hour at your home, both with you and the kids and all the numerous times that I babysat the children. Not being too much older than me, you could relate to teenagers and I always felt comfortable with our chats about music and boys and whatever. As you were my Mom's youngest sister, I remember all the times that she worried about you and wanted things to be better for you. You had a loving hard, a strong mind and I will always remember you with much love. Rest in peace, you surely deserve it. xo Love Nola, Peter and family
Francois Brunet
06 mars 2018
My favorite memory of Mrs Caine is DANCING ,DANCING, DANCING! We danced at many occasions, Legion dances, birthday parties, especially fun was dancing Rock and Roll at Uncle Willis birthday party at the Brossard Legion. Mrs Caine favorite rock and roll dance partner was Heather, but when she wasn't available I was her stand in. We laughed and bumped into each other and missed a swing or 2, but the smile on her face melted my heart and will be imprinted on my mind forever.
Cathy LeHuquet
06 mars 2018
One of my favorite memories of Ma Caine was having her, Bonnie, Russell over to my house in Nov 2016 to make her traditional Christmas fruit cake. We had such a fun time that day. We laughed, joked, and most importantly watched and learned baking from the best teacher. Ma Caine was pooped at the end of the day, but thoroughly enjoyed getting out of her little apartment and baking again. What a joy it was spending that day with her.
Ronald Brown
05 mars 2018
I recall the visits of all the familys coming for the Big birthday party for Dad(Ken),, and Vic in StPhilippe on the June 24th holiday.Loved to see all the cousins from Montreal. So sorry for your loss,may Eadie RIP.
Aunt Kay
05 mars 2018
When I lived in Montreal with John and Edie, Edie was pregnant and had her baby at home. I was there for the birth and after she was born they handed me the baby to me to clean up. It was a beautiful baby girl and we named her BONNIE. So many other memories but this one stands out. I will miss our phone calls. Edie was always "in charge", so tough but with a huge heart. She will be missed dearly! Love, Aunt Kay and family from Stoughton, Massachusetts
Barbara McKenzie
05 mars 2018
I will always remember Edie’s quick smile, laughter in her eyes and sense of humour. She will be missed by many. I send my condolences to her family, i know you will think of her often, remember the precious moments, they were a gift. Barbara (nee Brown) McKenzie
03 mars 2018
There are not enough beautiful words to describe what a wonderful, beautiful, courageous and most of all loving person that Mom Caine was. Her ability to accept everyone for who they are was amazing. She had this way about her where she could give you emotional support in tough times that would make you feel better even though she was going through so much herself. I am a better person because I met her. I love you Mom Caine and I miss you so much.
Jason Cain
03 mars 2018
my family and I are sending our deepest and most sincere condolences. Edi will be dearly missed.
Christine Allan (Friedrich)
03 mars 2018
Growing up in Brossard and meeting the Caine Clan was a big part of my teen years. Mrs. Caine was a kind hearted soul that always put everyone first and made room for you. At times I felt more at home in their household than mine. She is at peace now and I just want to thank her for letting me be part of her family in those years and showing me kindness and acceptance. God bless you Mrs. Caine!
carolbrown kens daugther..
02 mars 2018
we are loved her viist to ourhouse when we were little.. her smile and her wit was so cool.. only good memories of and now she i with all the rest of speial people that have been waiting in heaven for her...
02 mars 2018
Ill never forget the smile she had when we gave her a monkey teddy bear with the heartbeat of her grandson in it. Happy she got to take it with her to heaven. Love and miss you nanny rest easy
02 mars 2018
My favorite memory was her 70th birthday surprise party. She coulnd believe she was asked to make her famous potato salad for her own party. The look on her face when she entered the room was priceless. RIP Edie xoxo
02 mars 2018
I have many memories of my grandmother i pretty much grew up with her taking care of me but the best memory would have to be her being a big part of my pregnancy and getting to meet her great grand child before this sad ending love and miss you Nanny
Bonnie Caine
02 mars 2018
I loved taking my Mother and her friend Judy to Scotyz. My Mother loved their fish and chips and Judy loved the subs. Always looked forward to these dinners.

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Le pictogramme ci-dessous, se trouvant dans la section avis de décès, vous permet d’accéder à la captation des rituels.

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