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Avis de décès

Anna Maria Piperni Borrelli

C’est avec une profonde tristesse que nous vous annonçons le décès de Mme Anna Maria Piperni, épouse tant aimée d’Antonio Borrelli, le 9 novembre 2017 a l'âge de 68 ans.

Elle laisse dans le deuil ses enfants Steve (Julie L) et Kevin (Julie G), ses petits-enfants Emma, Antoine, Sophia, Oliver et Eve, ses frères et sœurs Carmela, Maria, Luigi et Nicolino ainsi que plusieurs parents et amis(es).

Nous souhaitons remercier tout le personnel de l’hôpital St-Mary’s pour le support et les soins qu’ils ont donné à Anna Maria durant sa longue maladie.

Au lieu de fleurs, des dons peuvent être versés à la Société Canadienne du Cancer.

La famille accueillera parents et amis au :

6700 rue Beaubien Est, Montréal

Heures des visites

dimanche le 19 novembre 2017 14:00 à 18:00

Service funéraire

Les funérailles auront lieu le 20 novembre 2017 11:00 à l'adresse suivante: en l'église Ste-Angèle.

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Témoignages à la mémoire de Anna Maria Piperni Borrelli

Lisa Pizzacalla
22 novembre 2017
To a beautiful and inspirational Anna Marie Borelli I had the opportunity to meet her on our trip to Sedona. She gave me a beautiful card on top on one of the vortex we were on. It was beautiful. She was a leader in my life always having to say a positive comment or made an inspirational statement. She was strong and fought her battle. I had the opportunity to meet her and her husband Tony at St. Anne in Montreal. We would spend time together and visit together. Tony and to you and your children and grandchildren she spoke highly of My deepest sympathy and condolence's goes out to each of you.
Lorraine Remza
18 novembre 2017
I recall meeting Annie at Carmela's birthday party. She was an inspiration to me. We've kept in touch since then through Carmela and Annie's beautiful photo notes. I believe her spirit will live forever through her family and her photography. I send my deepest heartfelt sympathy to you, her family. Truly heaven has received an Angel. With tears of love and sympathy, Lorraine Remza
Irene Roberts
17 novembre 2017
I remember Annie with so much fondness. She had gone through a lot in her life and yet looked at the world In a positive way. And she was quite the photographer- when we were with her in Italy she decided to take pictures of feet and shoes. I had never imagined how interesting these would look in photos. But she had an eye for the unusual and captured everything that looked interesting on her camera. She was a strong and caring person and spoke often of her family and her close friends. She will be greatly missed. Sincere condolences to her family
Clelia Borrelli/Associazione di Casalciprano
17 novembre 2017
I would like to extend to all the family my most sincere condolences as well as sincere condolences from all the members of the Associazione di Casalciprano. We wish Anna Maria eternal peace!
Cathy Anzini
17 novembre 2017
Cara amica del cuore, I bless that day we met, so long ago on our sons' school trip.....your Steve and my Franco, little 4 year olds, had become friends the first day they met at "classe d'accueil".....and we, their mothers followed suit....our friendship evolved quickly during the next 2 years, with visits and play dates with our 4 children.....very close in age...and Tony and Joe always got along splendidly too........and then the inevitable ----separation--- we were moving to Aylmer, oh boy.....what do friends do? We took it all in, dear Annie with your calming, caring support as I navigated a brand new city with my young even came to visit in the middle of a snow storm .....the 4 kids had a ball in the snow fort they built...and a few months later....another move for my family, this time all the way out to Mississauga, Ontario wow! ...that is far.... Undaunted, the Borrellis came to visit to check out our new place.....and Through all the ups and downs that life threw both your way and mine, .we made it ....our friendship remained strong ....a 37 year friendship, that you often said " needs celebrating" is not easy to maintain a long distance friendship.....but, we did it! Through perseverence , patience and dedication......and lots of help from "the telephone", which we, as your mother had so many times too, blessed (the telephone ) every day... I am privileged to call this extraordinary , wise, courageous woman my cherished friend. I miss you, dear Annie....but, feel fortunate to have been part of your village .....I understand completely when you would point to "your village" and say, "this is why I want to live". May you rest in peace and guide and help your Tony and Steve, Kevin , and their beautiful spouses and your adored grandchildren .... My family and I extend our condolences to Tony, Steve , Kevin and your entire family ,including your sisters and brothers and your many other family members and friends... You touched the lives of many, many people because you were fiercely dedicated to those you loved with your open heart and your unending compassion..... You leave behind a wonderful legacy of love truly lived your short life "your way"! Thank you for being my friend ! !
Tony & Anna Battista
17 novembre 2017
Our most sincere Condolences. Rest in peaceAnna Maria
Grace Cirocco
17 novembre 2017
I can't believe she's gone. I remember Annie so gracious, so beautiful, alive and full of appreciation for the little things. She loved taking pictures. She travelled with me to Italy twice and Sedona once and her eye for the beautiful and unusual was inspiring. She was always so loving and kind to everyone she met and approached life with such glee. I remember the time she celebrated her birthday in Cinque Terre and shook the champagne bottle so hard that it came out bubbling all over her. She brought a lot of joy to people, especially to her family and friends. Annie loved pictures so much, she turned them into greeting cards and I'm happy that I still have a box of her art. Her death reminds all of us that life is a precious candle----that we must grab hold of it, cherish and enjoy it, and if we have health, we have nothing to complain about. R.I.P. dear Annie---I will miss you. xoxo Grace
Josie Del Vecchio
16 novembre 2017
Dear Annie, We were fresh out of high school when we first met, became friends and maintained a close and valued friendship all these years. There are so many wonderful memories we shared especially watching our children growing up and sharing stories about our grandchildren. I will look back and treasure those memories always. Annie was a beautiful woman inside and out. She was a kind and caring woman , so strong , positive and optimistic and was always cheerful even though you knew she was really suffering. I feel honored to have been part of her life. To Tony, Steve, Kevin, the Grandchildren , Carmela, Maria, Louis, Nick and the extended Piperni family , I would like to say just how sorry I am for your loss. But please find comfort in knowing that our dear Annie is watching over you with love and that she is finally at peace with the Lord. Love forever, Josie
Maria De Cicco
15 novembre 2017
To Tony , my best friend Chiara and your respective families , Tony and I offer you our condolences. Through Chiara , I had the pleasure of meeting Anna Maria - a beautiful woman inside and out. May she rest in eternal peace. We are very sorry for your loss and we wish you love, peace and courage during this difficult time . May the memories of her fill your heart and provide some degree of comfort. Peace to you.
Dany Lefebvre
15 novembre 2017
Mes condoléances Kevin, à toi ainsi qu'à tes proches. Mes pensées sont avec vous. Bon courage.
Olga Palazzo
14 novembre 2017
I wish to extend my deepest condolences to Tony, Steve, Kevin to Carmela, Nick and the entire family for the loss of your Dear, Dear Annie! To myself and to so many who knew Anna she was an influential inspiration as a woman of integrity, strength, gentleness and beauty in every sense. Her refined artistic nature brought a touch of class and perfection in the way she lived her too short but very fulfilled life. Her enthusiasm to live her life "her way" allowed her to experience life to its fullest. In speaking to her you realized that her appreciation for the finer things in life were little in comparison to the love she had for Tony, her boys, her precious grandchildren and for her family and friends. Please find comfort in knowing that she lives in all of you forever and you all contributed in making her life so rich and so happy. Although so sadly missed you live forever in our hearts, Drear Sweet Anna!
Philippe Prince
14 novembre 2017
Sincères condoléances Kevin, à toi et ta famille. Mes pensées sont avec vous. Bon courage.
Rita Palazzo
14 novembre 2017
Dearest Anna, You were my oldest and dearest friend for the last 55 years. Friends like you are precious and few. We choose to be in each others lives and thus we became family by choice, I was lucky to be part of your little village and treasured your friendship immensely. Our favorite activities were our nature walks to enjoy all the beauty and joy we found in nature and just being in each others company. Anna was an independent ,strong, confident woman, but also so loving , kind ,optimistic, but above all, positive and always hopeful, even during the hardest of times she fought hard till the very end, but beneath the shield of confidence and strength there were too many days of sadness and pain that she endured during the last days and for this I was truly saddened to see her suffer so much. Dear Tony, Steve , Kevin, grandchildren , sisters , brothers, family and many friends know that( Annie, Nonna, Anna) will walk beside you every day of your life ,unseen but always present in spirit ,always loved and missed. Anna,watch over all of us with your beautiful smile my dearest friend. Un forte Abbraccio... Rita
Norma D'Ermo-Racz
14 novembre 2017
On behalf of my family and I, we would like to extend our deepest condolences to the Piperni & Borelli families. I met Anna Maria quite a few years ago through a friend. Because of our common illness, we kept in touch through the years and saw each other a few times. This past summer, we were both patients at St. Mary’s cancer ward and gave each other courage to get through our battle. Days when I couldn’t get out of my bed, I would wake up to see Anna Maria at the foot of my bed with a smile on her face wanting me to meet someone who had visited her that day. Even though we both couldn’t walk very much, we both managed to visit each other every day while we were there. We talked, we laughed, we cried, and we prayed together. I eventually got released but unfortunately Anna Maria’s condition worsened. I visited with her while she was in ICU and on 5 Main… last visit being Nov 6th. I was so hopeful for her that day, but I guess God had a different plan. She was an exceptional, caring and feisty woman who loved her family dearly. I know that she is in a better place now, free of pain. She has left an indelible mark on everyone who knew her. To her family, may you take comfort with the love and support of family and friends and May God bless you all and give each of you the strength and courage that you so need at this time.
Candi Daddario
14 novembre 2017
To the family I wish to extend my sincere condolences .your mother and I were school friends . I had the occasion to see her too few times since our graduation from St Pius . I knew she was facing many health challenges in the latter part of her life . She faced them with strength and optimism.what an optimistic person . I feel proud to have know her in my life .although she no longer is here , she has left you a fine legacy . Do not let those grandchildren ever forget their nonna
Giulia Palazzo-Lombardi
14 novembre 2017
My condolences to Tony and the family. I will always remember Anna who was always so positive, full of hope and encouragement for others. She was an EXCEPTIONAL human being. As a friend I will miss her beautiful smile and presence. Anna, may you rest in peace and enjoy eternal life.
Robin Bouchard
14 novembre 2017
Kevin, toutes mes condoléances à toi et tes proches. 68 ans était très tôt pour quitter ce monde. Mes pensées sont avec vous. Garder courage.
Nella Pipierni
13 novembre 2017
My condolences to all the family. My dear sweet Anna, you were such a great friend, I'll miss you terribly but I will always remember our conversations, emails and our many wonderful breakfasts together. May you rest in peace, all your suffering and pain is gone. You were a very strong and positive person and an inspiration to us all. I will never forget you my dear Annie, love you. A big hug and kiss Nella
Clara Vincelli
13 novembre 2017
Everyone's heart is broken with the loss of our dear Anna. She had the biggest heart in the world and just cared for everyone, her family and friends were first and foremost in her life. Even though she faced many challenges, she never forgot to ask how you are and how's life. Her positive attitude was always there for everyone and her strong faith comforts all of us knowing that she's in heaven. She was an Angel to us on earth and now she's our Guardian Angel in heaven. We will miss her in peace our dear friend....luv always, Clare

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