Avis de décès

Gerard Sullivan

À Montréal, est décédé le 14 mai 2017, à l'âge de 63 ans, monsieur Gerard Sullivan.

Il laisse dans le deuil parents et amis.

La famille accueillera parents et amis au :


Heures des visites

Service funéraire

Les funérailles auront lieu le 23 mai 2017 11:00 à l'adresse suivante: St-Richard's church.

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Témoignages à la mémoire de Gerard Sullivan

Sandy Wood
03 juin 2017
Such sad news, Gerry was a special person he was kind to everyone he met. My sympathy to the Sullivan family
23 mai 2017
my deepest and most heart felt condoleances to the family of a great guy,
Jean Jarvis
19 mai 2017
My deepest sympathies to the Sullivan family. I knew Gerry at LCCHS where he was so great with his students. He was such a caring man and one who has left this world too soon.
Mary Ann Mongeau
19 mai 2017
I knew Gerry from the MOSD where I worked as the art teacher. Our paths didn't cross very often but I do remember in particular a lively conversation we had about traveling in Ireland. His enthusiasm for the place and his roots there was evident. He was a warm, friendly person. My sincere condolences to Gerry's family.
Walter Chliszczyk
19 mai 2017
I remember Gerry from my years at L.C.C.H.S. in the mid nineties. We had many a chat regarding his students as he worked with students at my levels. Both students and staff spoke highly of him. Although I have not seen him for many years, he has left this world far too soon. My prayers are with your family and may you rest in peace.
Leo Botton
19 mai 2017
All my deepest condoleances for the loss of your dear family member. He Will always be remembered as a gentleman with many qualities and class.
Tatiana Lednow
19 mai 2017
He was one of the first people I met at John Grant High School. He was a loving person and the students respected him. He fought hard for his students. He's gone too soon.
Peter MacLaurin
19 mai 2017
i will miss him, even though we had not spoken in some years. He was a great and feeling teacher who gave unstintingly of himself for his students, many of whom have benefited from his love and commitment.
Shirley Holdbrook
19 mai 2017
My deepest condolences to the Sullivan Family. Rest in peace Gerry.
Theresa O'Brien
18 mai 2017
My heart is heavy with sadness on hearing of Gerry's recent passing and at the same time remembering him as a young, enthusiastic, handsome, charming substitute teacher at Marymount High School brings a smile and fond recollections of a kind, humorous, and very hip gentle man for whom I had a huge schoolgirl crush! Godspeed Gerry Sullivan, you were one of the good guys in this world. xo
Penny Packard
18 mai 2017
I am so sad to hear the news of Gerry's death. Since retirement we had lost contact, but I will always remember him as a strong and supportive colleague at MOSD. More importantly he was a very fine and caring teacher. His love of his family always came through, as was his enjoyment of all things Irish. My deepest sympathy to his family.
Tony & Patty Arcuri
18 mai 2017
Dear Sullivan Family we are very saddened to hear of Gerry's passing He was a very sweet man and we have many fond memories of him May he rest with the Angels
Maria Dolorosa Donnelly Farah
18 mai 2017
Dear Sullivan Family, on behalf of all my family I extend our deepest sympathy ! I know that sweet Gerry is being welcomed into Paradise with much love! We still fondly remember how he used to come and visit us every year for trick or treat on Halloween, no matter where we lived! I was lucky enough to have him once as a substitute teacher when I was in Marymount for religion, and though I was very shy, he convinced me to share the story my mother told about when my brother Billy died when he was 10. I share it now because he liked it. Billy used to play a trick on our mother as she went from room to room sweeping out the fireplaces in our home in Galway. He knew she wasn't find of frogs, so for fun he'd find one in the back garden and hide it among the ashes in the living room fireplace , and then he'd hide behind the sofa to see her reaction when the frog would jump out at her when she swept the ashes!!! He got great fun out of the shout when she was startled, and would laugh and laugh with her about it. Billy died very suddenly at the age of 10. Our mother was very grief-stricken, and as she knelt at Billy's grave she asked God to give her a sure sign that Billy was with him in Heaven. At that moment a frog jumped out from among the flowers on his grave and landed in her lap! Billy was surely in Heaven! Wishing you peace in this time of loneliness, and assuring you that Gerry is surely in Heaven with all our parents and dear ones. God bless and console you. Love, Maria Dolorosa and all the Donnelly Family
Diane & John
18 mai 2017
We are so sad to hear of the passing of our friend Gerry. He left us way too soon. Our condolences to the Sullivan family.
Diane Paquette
18 mai 2017
My deepest sympathies to the Sullivan family. Gerry was a great guy. Rest
Craig McFarlane
17 mai 2017
My deepest sympathies to the Sullivan Family re passing of Gerard. May he rest in peace.
Teresa Vahey Gibbons
17 mai 2017
To all The Sullivan family I would like to send my deepest condolences. May he rest in peace. I still remember is summer trips to Ballyheane and him taking my sister and I to Castlebar on the bus and buying us Chips and Coke. Something we never got growing up until Gerry came. Our big treat. Then off to Murthagh Jewlers where he always seemed to be buying Cladagh Rings, Chains and Celtic Crosses. Those days we loved so much and we were so sad when he would have to return to Canada. Love always we will never forget you. Your Irish Cousin Teresa
Scottie Simons
17 mai 2017
I send my deepest condolences to all the family and friends of dear Jerry. I was a teacher at the MOSD along with him, and had great respect for his teaching and love of his students. I am so sorry he is no longer here to enlighten the lives of hearing-impaired students. May he rest in peace
Claudia Simpson
17 mai 2017
My condolences to you, Catherine and Richard . I was privileged to have known Gerry in his last year. He shared exceptional stories of love for his sister and extended family. His care for two spoiled dogs beyond belief- is a small attribute to his kindness, and gentleness. Rest in peace Gerry.
Linda Mosdell Holdbrook & Melanie Mosdell Doucette
17 mai 2017
Rest in peace dear Gerry, I am so very sorry your battle was lost. My condolences to the Sullivan family.
Mary (Mack) McLennan
17 mai 2017
As I look at your picture your soul comes through and touches my heart. It is a sad time for so many friends. I send my heartfelt condolences to the friends and family of Gerard Sullivan. I am sure you will have a peaceful trip to your loved ones. You will stay in my heart and thoughts forever dear old friend. Peace.
Lori ciccotelli
17 mai 2017
My condolences and heart warm thoughts to you and your family . I didn't really know Gerry but heard the world about him threw Erin she spoke very highly of him .
Elizabeth Therrien Scanlan
17 mai 2017
My heartfelt condolences Catherine and Richard, i kept track of Jerry by checking his parking spot, it will take some time to stop doing that! May he rest in peace, he so deserves to!
Saundra Blouin
17 mai 2017
So sorry to hear of Gerry'spassing
Montreal Oral School for the Deaf
17 mai 2017
For many years Gerry Sullivan worked as an Itinerant Educational Specialist at the Montreal Oral School for the Deaf. Gerry was a natural teacher with a specialty in history. He prepared his students not only for the exam, but more importantly, for life. He helped students with hearing loss not only to succeed academically, but to be good citizens and contributors to society and to be caring human beings. Gerry was patient, kind and reliable. He was guided by a strong internal moral code. He earned his students’ trust and respect. They considered him to be a mentor. Gerry’s students appreciated that he cared for them as people and his friendships with them endured for years after they graduated. Gerry never hesitated to advocate for his students and to teach them to do the same for themselves. The skills he taught them and the love and respect he showed them helped prepare his students for life. From your friends and former students at the Montreal Oral School, many thanks Gerry. On the occasion of Gerry’s retirement in 2013, a letter from a former student. Gerry It’s been donkey years since we last saw each other! “It was purely Irish luck to have him as a friend and mentor. Genuine Irish smile and patience earned me his trust. With each visit a different colorful jumper he wore to brighten the day. Always patience and none effin’ and blindin’, helped my studies in history with ease. Knowing his knowledge in history is bang on, even to this day. I wish all the best and hope that one day, we can share some of that Good ole Irish Black Stuff. Your number one fan and ex student.” MC Marymount ACADEMY CLASS OF ‘86
Josee Campeau
17 mai 2017
I am very sad to hear of Gerry's passing. He was always friendly and supportive during our years at MOSD. We had many good times, especially at CAMMAC! He is gone too early! My condolences to his family and friends. Adieu Gerard, may you rest in peace!
Henry Renevan
17 mai 2017
May his soul rest in peace
Caroline Mains
16 mai 2017
I have fond memories of Gerry and our time spent working together at the MOSD. He was always feisty and always had a way of making me laugh. My deepest sympathy goes out to the Sullivan family x
William Lee
16 mai 2017
Cathy and Richard, please accept my deepest condolences to the lost of such a kind hearted family member. Although I did not know Gerry for a long period of time I will always cherish his friendship. Rest in peace Gerry.
Carole Kelly Barrie
16 mai 2017
Condolences to the Sullivan family......we shared many good memories. What a great loss for all of us. R.I.P. Gerry....The Kelly's
june wilson
16 mai 2017
thinking about Catherine and Richard at this time
Judy Shea-Hamelin
16 mai 2017
Cathy, Richard and all your family I was sad to read the news of Gerry's passing. Please accept our sincere sympathy. We are thinking about and praying for all of you.

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