Plan for peace of mind.

Planning for your funeral pre-arrangement enables you to determine your last wishes in advance. You can gain peace of mind by choosing the services and products you want after you pass. Moreover, putting your affairs in order now will save a lot of heartache and burden for your loved ones. Your funeral pre-arrangement is indeed an important part of your overall estate planning.


Here are some advantages:

You decide what type of funeral and commemorative service you want to have. Do not leave these decisions to your loved ones. Remember: reading the will is not part of a funeral pre-arrangement; this is often done after the funeral and commemorative service.

A funeral pre-arrangement contract is drawn up upon purchase. Your money is safe as it is placed in trust, as required by law.

Whether the services are used in 5, 10, or 25 years, you’ll rest assured knowing that you have saved money due to inflation rates throughout the years. We offer flexible payment options based on your budget.


You have choices to make.

When you decide to plan for your funeral, you’ll make some important decisions based on your beliefs and values. They will also help to assuage the family members and friends you leave behind to grieve.

These decisions must be taken carefully, with love, to help your loved ones to overcome a very difficult moment in their lives.


Do you want:

  • Your loved ones to support you during the funeral?
  • A funeral viewing (either your body or ashes)?
  • A ceremony in your honor?
  • A reception after the funeral?

How would you like to be remembered?