Rita Lehoux

Rita Lehoux was 93 when she passed away on the 26th of march 2021.

A woman of many talents who demonstrated courage, patience and tolerance She dedicated her life to the welfare of her family.

She is preceded by the death of her husband Dollard Fortin in 2013, of her daughter Francine in 2003 and of her son Denis in 1994.

She leaves behind her 2 daughters Lise and Madeleine, her 2 grand children Nadia and Jeffrey and her 2 great grand-children Jasmine and Zacharie.

A private ceremony will be held at Urgel Bourgie on the 11 april . but due to covid participation is limited and done by invitation. The ceremony will be filmed and accessible via the site : Urgel; avis de deces necrologie Rita Lehoux and click on the orange 'web diffusion camera'.
to see the little video of her life click on the green button, write your e mail and when we receive it we will give access with a pass number.

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