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Peter (Lupo) Zuliani, Urgel Bourgie / Athos

Peter (Lupo) Zuliani
1955 - 2020

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Peter (Lupo) Zuliani

It is with heavy heart that we announce the passing of our dear brother Peter (Lupo) Zuliani.

He passed peacefully in his home in his sleep. His undeniable kindness and character made him one of a kind. The family he leaves behind which number in the thousands will greatly miss him. His vocation was undoubtedly to be a teacher as this can easily been seen by the multitudes of students that loved him … « hey Pete» «sir» «Mr. Zuliani» would ring out where ever he went.

For those of you wishing to celebrate his life with us, we will be gathering at URGEL BOURGIE situated at 1255 Beaumont, Town of Mount-Royal,on the 21st of October 2020, between the hours of 3 to 5 and again between 7and 9. Unfortunately there will be a limit of 25 people at the time, so we are hoping for a smooth rotation, so we can let as many people as possible say good bye…


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Messages in memory of Peter (Lupo) Zuliani

Ozgur Guney
February 13, 2021
My condolences to the family, Mr Peter Zuliani was my best teacher I had and I’ll miss him.I want to thank him for being a mentor,guide,friend and instilling good values.Thank you so much for your extra effort you undertook to teach the weaker students ( like me ) and get them at par with the class. Thanks a lot for what you did. Rest In Peace.
Gabrielle Lefebvre
November 25, 2020
Vous étiez mon professeur à Lucien-Pagé, en secondaire 5 en 2004. Mes condoléances à la famille de Monsieur. Mes pensées vous accompagnent.
November 15, 2020
Rest in peace Peter. Thank you for kindness, patience and generosity. I remember my first day in your class, you made it clear you were one of a kind. Student past and present will never forget you. I'm thankful I had the opportunity to thank you in person years ago after PLP. You knew how much you were loved and that brings peace to my heart. My condolences to the Zuliani family.
Il Lupino
November 12, 2020
HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! To Lupo, Pietro,Peter , Pete, sir From and for all the people you took the time to call on their birthday.. Rest Fratello Rest.
Tasfique Khan
November 05, 2020
The amazing thing about Pete isn’t the number of good things we could speak of him it’s the bad and it’s amazing cause there was none. He was the kind of man that taught you in and out of class. Every single interaction/conversation with him was joyful, regardless of the situation he would always be able to relate to his students. It was easy to understand that he was passionate about his work and treated his students like his own kids. Personally, Pete didn’t just teach me but helped me keep out of the principle’s office (hahah), we joked around a lot. Never got a chance to thank him as I took his good nature and good soul for granted. Thanks Pete. Rest well my friend.
Emmanuel Lizardo
October 29, 2020
Quelle tristesse d'apprendre cette nouvelle, en tant qu'ancien élève de Peter je voudrais souligné sa gentillesse et le fait qu'il était toujours disponible pour ses élèves. Ils nous écoutait et sa manière d'enseigner était hors pair. Mes plus sincères condoléences a toute sa famille. Rest in peace !
Julia Camerino
October 28, 2020
It saddens me to hear about Peter’s passing. My condolences to the Zuliani Family. It’s so warming to read all the touching words from his students and how he was loved and respected by them
Sarah khendek
October 27, 2020
Monsieur Zuliani était unique comme professeur, il nous a appris bien plus que des leçons d’anglais. Il nous a conseillé et nous parlait comme il parlerait à ses propres enfants. Il avait ce ‘je ne sais quoi’ qui faisait en sorte que lorsqu’on l’écoutais parler, on se sentais plus fort, plus confiant. Merci d’avoir été un professeur honnête, dévoué, drôle, encourageant et bien plus. J’offre toutes mes condoléances à sa famille et ses proches, reposez en paix, vous nous avez marqué et vous resterez pour toujours dans nos cœurs.
October 23, 2020
Thank you for the energy and the words Mr.Zuliani. Thank you for coming to see me every time you passed La Popote du Bonheur. Thank you for your smile and your laughter. What an honor to have known you and how blessed are the students who crossed your path. Condolences to your family my friend.
October 22, 2020
R.I.P Peter. You will be missed. Always enjoyed our chats and laughs .... ..My condolences to Marco and Family.
October 22, 2020
Dear Peter, it may have been a long time since I’ve seen you but I remember the goodness in your heart, your kindness, your laughter, your humour, and your love of music. I remember your caring and your kindness when you leant us your very cool sports black car with the T-roof for our high school graduation prom back in 1980... and thank you for introducing me to one of your favourite music, Motown, which I still listen to today. My condolences to your family, Marco, Mary, Anna and their families. Rest In Peace Peter xxx
Laura Caporuscio
October 21, 2020
Dear Peter, I had to say goodbye to you today. I was unable to pay you any kind of tribute in the last week because I just couldn't believe you were gone, but there's no denying it anymore. You have left us and what a void you leave behind in the hearts of all your colleagues and students, past and present. You were one of a kind. A man with a contagious laugh, a beautiful heart, an incomparable wisdom and an immense love of life. You always saw the best in others. You'd notice the best things about a person and praise him or her for them. You did this with me all the time and you did this with your students, as well. So many of your old students showed up today. Some from over ten years ago. It was overwhelming to see how many young people's lives you've touched. What an incredible legacy you leave behind inside the minds and souls of all of them and I can only hope to become a fraction of the teacher you were. So long, dear Peter. You will be greatly missed xxx
Celestina Vo-Nguyen
October 21, 2020
"Silence is golden,so shut up and get rich" it was the first few thing he said to us on our first classes with him. He made me laugh, cry, feel like I was going to be okay in the future. He knew how to talk to me at my lowest, and make fun of me at my best. He knew how stressful I could be but he would never talk down on it. Peter, the last time I saw you was few years ago, you saw me and had the biggest smile. I am sad that you didn't see where I am at right now. We had a 10 year high school reunion last year and I couldn't make it. I really wanted to tell you I made it and I'm doing so well. I feel like you know I am okay. You will forever be missed. My sister and I are very blessed to have you as a teacher and how big of an impact you are to all of us.
Anusha Murugesu
October 21, 2020
I am speechless. He was my favorite teacher at Lucien-Pagé. It is thanks to him, that I am able to speak English confidently. He always supported me and helped me overcome my fear of speaking English. He was more than a teacher to me, he was a great mentor. I am grateful to have known such an amazing person. My sincere condolences to the family. You will be dearly missed Mr.Peter Zuliani.
Hassan Chahrour
October 21, 2020
Dear Peter, you were truly an inspiration to a whole generation of young students as you were viewed by all not only as a great teacher, but also as a great person that wanted to educate students about life out there, and not only school subjects. Your influence on your students cannot be measured, just as their love for you. You played a great role in my own growth and in my way of seeing life, and I cannot thank you enough for that. You will be missed.
Chris Tsarouhas
October 21, 2020
We were friends since childhood I new all your family and thru all these years theZuliani family were the nicest people around...Peter I will miss you..but I still feel that you are in a good place,and somehow you’ll never stop smiling the way you always did...God bless you ..may you Rest In Peace..love always from Chris,Margaret,Nicolas And Peggy Tsarouhas..
October 21, 2020
Cher Peter, Un être cher vient de s’en aller. Comment exprimer par de simples mots la grande émotion et l’infinie tristesse de ton départ précipité, je garderais toujours de très beaux souvenirs ensemble, même si nous nous sommes perdus de vue. J'aimerais exprimer mes sincères condoléances à toutes la famille.
Eddy Fontana
October 21, 2020
Peter , my lifelong friend , words cannot express how much you will be missed. I will always hold dear our chats , our escapades to baseball games and the time spend with with you in Italy . Rest in peace Lupo . Marco , Anna and Mary our deepest condolences .
Stéphanie Connors
October 21, 2020
Peter... an honest and kind-hearted man who cared so much about his students and collegues... I had the privilege to work with him for 17 years and to organize different events at school with him. Such great memories. Everything he did was out of pure and genuine love for the kids at Pagé. He always had their backs no matter what!!! I will always remember our great talks about life, about family and music. He taught me to enjoy life, every moment of it, and to always find a way to be happy. And that is exactly how he lived his life. I will continue teaching with a hint of your wisdom in my words. You will always be remembered as one of the best by your students. May your soul rest in peace. My sincere condolences to your friends and family...
Gus Diavatopoulos
October 21, 2020
Dear Zuliani Family and loved ones, My sincerest condolences. May his memory be eternal. From an ol' childhood friend from Park Ex on Stuart St. Gus the Greek
Yolaine Girard Marcoux
October 21, 2020
Mes sympathies à toute la grande famille Zuliani et amis. De 1997 à 2002 , je me suis impliquée dans le comité de l’école PLP, tout comme Peter. Dans les années 2000 , j’ai revu Peter, car il était venu visiter son papa qui séjournait à l’hôpital où j’ai travaillé plus de 30 ans. Peter était doté de plusieurs qualités et il a touché le cœur de tous. Suggestion: après cette pandémie, un hommage devrait être célébré à PLP. Repose en paix Peter.
Jonathan Lazo
October 20, 2020
I offer my sincere condolences to his close friends and family. Peter was a great person who genuinely cared for his students. He always did his best to motivate us and push us to be the best versions of ourselves. If we were feeling blue, he was always able to bring a smile to our faces. It's a real shame that he's gone, but the memories will live on with us and I hope we can all aspire to be more caring and understanding towards each other, like he was towards us. Rest in peace Peter. You will be missed.
Christian Chammas
October 20, 2020
Peter was the real deal, one of the most genuine and open-hearted people that I’ve ever known. He imparted so much humanity to the lives that he touched. He truly had a heart of gold. He and I had a special relationship – more like a kinship. There are so many things that we’ve gone through together, ups and downs, and so much laughter – even some singing along the way. What great times! Our friendship was a part of our identities. “Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are” – how true. And in Peter’s own words, and so deservingly, it’s our turn to wish him from the bottom of our hearts: May God Bless. Our sincerest condolences go out to the Zuliani Family and to all that loved him. We share in your grief. Chris & Imma
massimo tonini
October 19, 2020
To Marco, Ann, and Mary, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I know it is a big loss for you but his spirit is with you always because your brother made his mark on this earth. So long Lupo I wish I had had the chance to speak with you one more time before you decided to leave this world, as usual in your own terms. Peace brother and thanks for the good times and let them always roll. Always your friend Massimo
Marinella & Pierre-Yves
October 19, 2020
Dear Peter, you will be missed tremendously. Your contagious smile and piercing blue eyes will continue to accompany us. You have been a friend for so long that we have lost count... We always knew we can count on you and that you would show up if ever we needed your help at no matter what time of day or night. Rest in peace. To Marco, Ann, Mary and all nieces and nephews, please always remember : Les êtres chers que nous avons aimés ne sont plus là où ils étaient mais sont toujours et partout là où nous sommes et cela s'appelle le souvenir. Alexandre Dumas
Givens Danquah
October 18, 2020
Peter, I will never forget the life lessons you shared with me 2 years ago, I will not give up, and I promis you to keep my words. We all love you and will see you up there 1 day. Take care Pete
Michael Quigley
October 18, 2020
To the Zuliani Family, I had a special relationship with Peter in that the passage of years without contact had no bearing on our friendship; when we got together after years of not seeing each other it was like we just saw each other the day before. Over the years, whenever I was back in Montreal, I would call on Peter at odd hours and without notice and he was almost always up for a get together. In the Zuliani tradition, Peter always greeted me with a warm welcome, open arms and a big smile. Peter was an unfailing positive light for all of those who knew him and I have no doubt that the source of his own inspiration came from the great example of his parents who he absolutely cherished and was forever grateful for having. Peter took pride in his ability to relate to his high school students especially the more troubled kids for whom Peter was always ready, willing and able to lend a helping hand by providing useful advice that was otherwise simply not available to many of his students. Peter’s most obvious characteristic was the love he had for his family and friends. He will be sadly missed. My condolences to the Zuliani family. Sincerely, Michael Quigley
Hélène Chiasson
October 18, 2020
Mes sincères condoléances à la famille Zuliani. J'ai connu Peter il y a plusieurs années et mon souvenir de lui est d'un être doux et bienveillant. Je comprend pourquoi il était si cher à ses étudiants. Paix soit avec lui.
Hernst Laroche
October 18, 2020
You were the man. You are an example to all teachers out there that it’s more than teaching that specific class and going home after 3:15. You taught life and that’s the most important lessons. You always were there for everybody and it shows with how much love you are receiving. Youre also The only teacher I know that lived in the same area as the student so you were more than equip to handle all of our dramas hahaha. We all love you and you will be remembered forever.
Alain Lagarde
October 18, 2020
Mon cher Peter, Te côtoyer pendant plus de 20 ans à Lucien-Pagé a été pour moi un bien grand privilège. Plus récemment, quand ma femme est décédée il y a deux ans de cela, tu m'as été d'un grand secours et je n'ai pas eu le temps de te remercier autant que j'aurais voulu le faire. Je garderai toujours un excellent souvenir de notre mémorable souper au restaurant ''La Goélette''. Repose en paix mon ami. Je ne t'oublierai pas. Ton collègue Alain Lagarde.
Christina Gandara
October 17, 2020
Peter was one of my best teachers, he cared for every student and showed it. He was always positive about situation and really wanted every student to succeed. He is the reason why I continued school and went to cégep. He touched many lives and will never be forgotten.
October 17, 2020
Mr. Zuliani was different from other teachers I had in high school around 15-16 years ago. He was fun and the classes he gave were always more than just following the plan of the class. He taught us about life and he shared us lots of his life experiences. It was such an honour to have him as a teacher! He is now gone but never forgotten. May he rest in peace and my God bring his family peace and courage in their hearts.
Lambros Alevizos
October 17, 2020
Dear Peter , You will be missed ! Rest In Peace my friend till we meet again. See you on the other side. God Bless , Love You My prayers and thoughts to the Zuliani family. R.I.P
Ho Shing Lok
October 17, 2020
Il y a environ 20 ans, Peter était mon professeur d'anglais en secondaire 4. C'était l'un des professeurs qui avait à coeur la réussite de ses élèves. I was always looking forward for that class as his teaching was not only about the language, but also about life. His stories were funny and interesting, grasping every students attention for the whole 75min. I was one of the lucky ones who got to see a Habs' game with him, which made me a fan since then. To this date, he is one of the most genuine person I've had the chance to encounter. I am sure many other students has you as their favorite teacher, inspiring as you are. Mr Zuliani, you will be missed.
Bedelia Vehar
October 17, 2020
My condolences to the Zuliani family on the loss of their brother. Peter always had a great big smile on his face. Great conversations, laughs and stories he could tell.Fond memories and will remember him as Maria’s brother who always had time to say hi and a great smile. R.I.P Peter , you will be missed. God bless .
Alejandra Flores
October 17, 2020
Peter Zuliani était plus qu'un enseignant. Il avait réellement à coeur ses élèves. Il réussissait à créer un lien avec nous. Si tu n'allais pas bien, il prenait le temps de te parler et de t'offrir du soutien. Il se démarquait par sa bonne humeur, son sens de l'humour et son dynamisme. Un enseignant pas comme les autres. Unique et apprécié par ses élèves. You will be missed but never forgotten. Rest in peace Mr. Zuliani.
Mario Di Chiaro
October 17, 2020
Mon cher ami Peter nous sommes connu à l’église Saint rock nous étions tous deux des scouts nous avion 8 ou 9 ans et nous avons participé a plusieurs projets ensemble donc un mémorable on avait passer la nuit avec les boys au vieux forum de Montréal pour l’achat de billets pour le concert dès rolling stone en 1972 qu’elle beau souvenir repose en paix mon see you later my alegator friend
Lisa Fischer
October 17, 2020
So sorry to hear of Peter’s passing. I’m so glad I got to reconnect with him last year at my nieces wedding after not seeing him for a long time. Nothing changed in those 3 decades, he was the same outgoing, easy going, fun person, always laughing and smiling. Rest easy Peter, thank you for all the laughs.
Georgette Isidore
October 17, 2020
Peter Zuliani marque tout le monde sur son passage. Il vivait dans la plus pure simplicité et passait chaque moment de la vie à aimer, aider, encourager son prochain. Merci infiniment Peter pour ton soutien et ta joie de vivre. D'une collègue qui garde en mémoire de nombreux souvenirs de ces 24 dernières années passées à travailler ensemble. Mes sympathies à la famille éprouvée.
Emily Branco
October 17, 2020
Repose en paix Mr.Zuliani. Vous m’avez énormément aidé à traverser des moments difficiles à Lp et à avoir confiance en mes capacités. Merci pour tous et je suis bien contente de vous avoir croisé dans mon chemin. Mes condoléances à toute la famille.
Maria Pereira
October 17, 2020
Mes condoléances à toute la famille. Il a été un professeur marquant et touchant. Bon courage. Maria, classe 2001.
John Primbas
October 17, 2020
My condolences to the whole family at this sad time. Peter was a wonderful guy .He always had a calming effect on everyone around him. . May god rest his soul in peace.
Andrew The-Anh Luc
October 17, 2020
En 2013 J'étais un étudiant qui a brusquament passé d'une école privée à Lucien-Pagé pour mes deux dernières années au secondaire. Mr.Zuliani était un des seuls professeurs qui m'a drastiquement marqué, non seulement mon séjour à Lucien-Pagé mais aussi mon parcours entier au secondaire. À chaque fois qu'il corrigeait les travaux il savait lequel était le mien et poussait un rire contagieux...Malgré mon expérience difficile a LP, son cours d'anglais était le contraire. Facile à être absorbé par son humeur et ses histoires divertissantes et éducatives. Il m'a aussi introduit une couple de films qui m'ont pousser à explorer le cinema. Mr.Zuliani était beaucoup plus qu'un professeur.
Samy Benslimane
October 17, 2020
I will never forget how you always brightened up everyone’s day and always went the extra mile to teach us valuable life lessons. Thank you for everything Peter, rest in peace. Samy, Class of 2015
Didier Muhire
October 17, 2020
To Peter, The educator, the kind soul and exceptional human being. Your passing is a reminder that life is to be cherished and enjoyed. You are missed already and may your memory live on. À Dieu monsieur Zuliani
Guylaine Blais
October 17, 2020
Je n'oublierai jamais sa joie de vivre, son entrain, son rire contagieux, ses longs discours, son affection pour ses élèves, ses collègues et ses amis, et son calme face à l'adversité. Les souvenirs qu'il m'a laissés sont à jamais gravés au plus profond de mon coeur. Repose en paix Peter Mes plus sincères condoléances
Michael Medeiros
October 16, 2020
Comme on dit les meilleurs partent en premier , Mr Peter étais le meilleur professeur envers ses élèves grâce à lui j'ai réussi mon cour d'anglais avec les yeux fermer , son sourire son ambiance resteras à jamais graver dans mes souvenirs Merci pour de m'avoir appris à ne pas abandonner Que ton âme repose en paix nous tes élèves t'oublierons jamais.
Fahed Maroun
October 16, 2020
I remember Mr. Zuliani's smile and wit, he was a walking sunshine of positive energy! May his soul rest in everlasting peace. My deepest condolences to his loved ones and my classmates too. Sincerely, Fahed Class of 2000
Aman Ali Anwar
October 16, 2020
Je pense qu’il n’y avait personne qui n’étaient pas affecter de la personne qui était Zuliani, un homme avec le cœur pure et qui voulait sincèrement aider ces élèves. Une personne rayonnante et que je ne vais jamais oublier. C’est dit qu’une personne est vraiment mort quand les gens oublient quelqu’un et je ne pense pas qu’il serait oublier de personne qui l’a connu... RIP Zuliani et tu va toujours rester dans mes souvenirs.
Vanille F. Ta'Ahora
October 16, 2020
All my sincere condolences to the family... Thank you for all the support and goodwill you have shown over the years. Thank you for making the classroom a fun place to be. The knowledge that you shared and the learning can't be compared with anything. You've been a true and amazing leader to us. Your contributions and dedication will always be a prime example for others. It has been such an honor being your student (and also your neighbor)... You have imprinted your footprints on our hearts forever. You will be missed heavily here. And since it's one of your wishes, it's in positivity, good humor and joy that I mourn in your memory! May your soul rest in peace Peter. ~
Omar Diané
October 16, 2020
Mr. Zuliani m'a appris beaucoup de chose sur la vie. Son cours d'anglais etait plus qu'un cours. Tout les élèves qui ont passé par là peuvent en témoigner. Mr. Zuliani you will be missed by all of us. Rest in peace
Connie Spaccucci
October 16, 2020
I remember Peter his Joie de Vivre and always full of life. My sincere condolences to his family on this great lost. Beyond the pain, happy memories remain. Rest In Pease Peter.
Hanseul Shin
October 16, 2020
Mr. Zuliani, rest in peace, you will be missed.
Annie Dumay
October 16, 2020
Dear Peter, you will be missed! My thoughts go out to your family. You were a dedicated teacher and most of all, an all around nice guy!
Bruce Rozon
October 16, 2020
To One of a Kind REST IN PEACE MY FRIEND TILL WE MEET AGAIN. Prayers and Thoughts to the Zuliani Family The Rose
Emmanuelle Durocher
October 16, 2020
Bien que j'ai côtoyé Peter il y a environ 20 ans, il est un des rares à avoir marqué mon passage à Lucien-Pagé. Toujours sympathique, bon conteur et de bonne humeur, aimé de ses collègues et adorés par ses élèves, il nous a laissé de très bons souvenirs à nous ses collègues mais surtout aux milliers d'élèves qu'il a croisés dans sa carrière. Toutes mes condoléances à la famille et ses proches.
costantino sgambato
October 16, 2020
Peter était toujours souriant, quand je lui demandais comment ça allait, il me répondait: "moi ça va toujours bien", quand je lui demandait: c'est pour quand la retraite? il me répondait:" je n'y pense même pas, j'aime trop enseigner, j'aime apprendre l'anglais aux jeunes et surtout comment être une bon citoyen." Peter était un bon vivant qui nous manquera énormément. Je garde tes conseils présieusement. Repose en paix Peter.
Jean Jacques Simon
October 16, 2020
Mes condoléances à la famille! M. Zuliani! Je me souviendrai toujours de son humour en classe et à quel point, il rendait si agréable l'apprentissage de la matière dans ses cours. Rest in Peace!
Pierre-Watson Henry
October 16, 2020
C'est avec le coeur gros que j'écris ses quelques mots. Hey wats, how you doing buddy? I'll bring "les papiers bleus après le cours" parce qu'il était tellement passionné par les élèves qu'il oubliait de prendre les présences. Ce fut un honneur de travailler avec toi, des professeurs affectionné comme toi, il n'y en a plus beaucoup. Tu étais bon, on a eu plusieurs discussions à propos de toute sortes de choses.. Ouf c est tough de savoir que ton corps ne sera plus là avec nous mais les souvenirs resteront avec nous à tout jamais. Que la terre te soit douce et légère. rip Peter.
Robert Gagnon
October 16, 2020
Cher Peter! Je me souviendrai de toi comme conteur et fabulateur hors pair. Nous avons eu beaucoup de plaisirs à travailler ensemble. Je ne t'oublierai jamais. Repose en paix!
Denis Lambert
October 16, 2020
Cher Peter, Tu emportes avec toi ton incommensurable joie de vivre et ton éternel optimisme, qui transcendera jusque dans l'au-delà. Je t’en prie, veille sur ceux que tu aimes de la haut et innonde les de te lumineuse bienveillance et de ton amour. Toute ta vie, tu as donné a ceux qui ont eu la chance de te connaitre et à tes élèves, bien plus qu’à toi-même. Tu es l’un de ces êtres inoubliables, qui marquent, d’une trace indélébile, profonde et positive, la vie des gens. Te côtoyer nous rendait un peu plus heureux. C’est certainement la fête, là-haut, car les anges devaient attendre ta venue avec joie. Profites-en, car je sais que tu n’oublieras personne ici-bas. Tu étais lumineux. A tous, tu vas nous manquer. Tu es maintenant radieux. Fais que ta lumière irradie jusqu’à ceux qui t’aiment et t’aimeront toute leur vie. Denis Lambert
Stephanie Romero
October 16, 2020
Mr. Zuliani was the best teacher anyone could ask for. He always knew how to make you laugh when you weren’t doing good. He would always make conversation and just bring an enormous smile on our face. His advices were the best, he always knew what to say at the right time. I will hold and cherish deeply all of his advices. May he rest in peace and that God brings peace to his family. My most deepest condolences to his family. We will deeply miss him. He will always remain in our heart! Fly high Mr. Z! We will always love you!
Kiran Bala Narh
October 16, 2020
Peter was one of the best teacher that I had in my high school. He was so approachable as a teacher and person. He was always smiling and always spread his smile to others. It's a shock that he's gone so fast. May god rest his soul in peace. My condolences to all the family.
Katherine Gomez
October 16, 2020
Peter was one of the best and most liked teacher in high school. Not because the way he taught us English was fun. But, because he took the time to understand students, and their underlying problems. He didn't see "bad" students, he saw students who were going through tough times. He recognized the importance of not only teaching us school subjects, but to teach us the lessons and ways of life. He didn't give up on students, and he faught hard to reach our hearts. For that, we will all appreciate him forever.
Edita Serhatlic
October 16, 2020
Un enseignant qui savait comment engager les élèves dans leur réussite et développer leur esprit critique afin de les aider à devenir les adultes qu'ils sont aujourd'hui: c'était la magie de Peter Zuliani. Nous étions chanceux d'avoir eu un homme aussi sage, un homme qui croyait en nous tous, qui nous poussait à aller au-delà de ce qu'on nous apprenait à l'école. Mes condoléances à la famille et de meilleurs souhaits pour son âme.
Andreea C.
October 16, 2020
I remember being in his English class and he told me that my English was too good for his course; so in order not to get bored, he told me to be his “assistant” and help the other students if they needed it. I will never forget his great teaching style which made everyone feel comfortable and wanting you to better yourself. He was one of my favorite teachers and even if I haven’t seen him in a really long time, I’m truly saddened by this news. My condolences to his family, may he Rest In Peace.
Alfredo Jr. Romero Cotrina
October 16, 2020
Quoi dire sur Peter, beaucoup, pour moi et pour plusieurs, le meilleur prof de Lucien Pagé ... J'ai eu l'honneur d'être son élève 2 ans. Je garde de bons souvenirs de lui ... Même après le secondaire, il était devenu un ami, tu pouvais compter sur lui, lui parler , prendre une bière et il allait toujours te donner des bons conseils ... Je me rappel que tu me poussais a toujours a parler anglais et j'ai apprit beaucoup grâce à lui.. Merci pour tout et de m'avoir aider lorsque j'ai eu de besoin.... Que ton âme reposé en paix Peter et dommage que je n'ai pas pus prendre the last beer Vendredi dernier...Je m'en veux ... Tu va nous manquer
Rekha patel
October 16, 2020
I am Peter neighbor for 40 yrs he was a very happy man and helped everyone . I pray he Rest In Peace he will be remembered forever . He left us with many good memories . God bless his soul ..
Catherine gauvin
October 16, 2020
Triste nouvelle!.. C’était un bon professeur et c’est grâce à lui si j’ai réussi mon anglais. Repose en paix Mr. Zuliani
October 16, 2020
Tous mes condoléances à la famille. C'était il y a 15 que je l'ai eu comme professeur et je me souviens toujours de son sourire et sa gentillesse. Le cour d'anglais prenait une autre embiance en sa présence. Il nous faisait rire et donnait beaucoup de lecons de vie. Il restera pour toujours dans notre coeur. Que son ame repose en paix et que dieu lui fasse une place dans son immence paradis Fatiha
Marie Fontana
October 16, 2020
Peter I will always remember your kindness thoughtfulness,your laughter and much more.i will never forget you. You will be missed See you in the next life. R.i.P . Condolences to the Zulliani Family Hugs and Prayers
Jose Manuel Fernandes
October 16, 2020
Yes. I remember you old friend. Who could forget those summer days when you'd drive to school with your Mazda Miata shining like a popstar with your sunglasses on. You just couldn't be left unnoticed. Just the feel to see Mister Zuliani walk by was a prestige. A remarkable man that had a passion for culture, people, life, english teaching and all his students for the least we know. Your presence and your memories on earth warmed our hearts, bodies and souls wich will never be erased. You truly are in our hearts. I could carry on but It just hurts. You changed our lifes. Hope to see you again dear friend. May God Guard your soul until we meet again. WE LOVE YOU
Nuria Claro
October 16, 2020
Dear Zuliani Family, It’s been a few decades since I saw Peter, yet I remember him fondly. His sense of humour, his easy going way about life in memorable. My deepest condolences and may you find peace in happy family memories.
Daryl Bambic
October 16, 2020
My deepest sympathies to the Zuliani family. Peter was a part of our extended family and we shared many of our celebrations with him. He was an incredible story teller and had a quick smile with an infectious laugh. That he adored teaching was obvious and his students always were his number one priority. Peter truly was unique and his gift to those he loved and taught will be cherished.
Ari Tagalakis
October 16, 2020
My condolences to the family, I remember teaching Peter at WU DO KAN, he and the Park Ex boys were enthusiastic students and martial artists. God rest his soul.
Aylie Jo-Anna O.G
October 16, 2020
Mr.Zuliani wasn't just my teacher but my mentor, a good friend. I could always count on him. He always knew what to say to make you feel better. He was one of a kind. It's not everyday that you will encounter a teacher that wants the best for you & pushes you & never give up on you . He helped me a lot . Thank you for all the good advise on life. You will be missed my dear friend . The prophet
Sabrina Mulé
October 16, 2020
My condolences to the entire Zuliani family. Peter was my teacher in 1999 - 2000 and he was one of the reasons myself and many other students continued and strived though high school. It was not an easy time for me yet he was always there to listen and guide me. Thank you Peter You will be deeply missed May you Rest In Peace xx
Karen Sepentgis
October 16, 2020
rest in peace Peter you will be greatly missed by my family
Alexandra Castaneda Henriquez
October 16, 2020
M.Zuliani fut l'une des meilleures personnes que j'ai pu rencontrer et côtoyer. C'était un excellent enseignant et un être humain formidable. Il ne nous enseignait pas que l'anglais; il nous enseignait sur la vie. M.Zuliani,ce fut un honneur vous rencontrez.
October 16, 2020
Le meilleur enseignant que j'ai eu dans tout mon parcours scolaire. Mes condoléances à la famille
Arafat Rahman
October 16, 2020
Mr.Zuliani was an amazing teacher that always went above and beyond to see all his students succed. He treated everyone with the same amount of respect. He always taught us valuable lessons in every class that we could apply outside of the classroom. In the last year of highschool, he already treated us as adults and therefore we knew what to expect after graduating. Beyond being an exceptional teacher, he was a person you could go to when you wanted an honest and straight forward answer, whenever you needed one. You will be missed. Thank you for the skills and valuable lessons you have taught me. I wish I had the chance to show you that I applied all the knowledge you've shown us in class.
Alder Pierre
October 16, 2020
Enseignant, collègue et ami, Monsieur Zuliani a été pour moi comme pour plusieurs une inspiration. Il m’a appris à apprécier chaque minute de ma vie avec un sourire . Don’t worry, just be happy il me répétait. Il était un homme purement bon qui avait comme cause le bien être des élèves. Cher Peter, je me rappellerai de toutes les conversations que nous avons eu dans mon bureau sur la vie. Je promets de partager aux élèves la sagesse que tu m’as partagée. Merci pour tout . One love monsieur Zuliani.
Vivan Nguyen
October 16, 2020
Mes condoléances aux proches de Peter. Peter and I both started at École Lucien-Pagé the same year (1997/98); him as an English teacher coming in to replace another one and me as a first year student. He always proudly said, whenever I showed up at his classroom door, in the years I didn't have him and after I graduated high school, that I was "one of my best students ever". Well I wish I could've told him this myself: You were one of my best teachers ever, Peter.
Hanine Monem
October 15, 2020
M. Zuliani à été un de mes meilleurs professeurs lors de mon parcours à Lucien Pagé. Il adorait sa profession, il adorait ces élèves. Il ma redonner confiance en moi car il croit en tout ses élèves. Il est quelqu’un de tellement positif. Vous allez me manquer. Votre mort a été un choc pour beaucoup de monde.. Repose en paix . Mes condoléances à toutes ces proches..
David Eng
October 15, 2020
You made me happy to my most miserable year of high school. Without you, I would hate English for the rest of my life. Rest in peace sir !
October 15, 2020
Ask anyone, and they will tell you that he was a great guy! Students remember and speak about him because he was always genuine, friendly and available to help anyone. When you happened to cross paths with him, he'd take the time to talk. He'd spot you a mile away and take time to talk to you. No matter what, he saw integrity in everyone. He definitely made a positive impact in our lives.
Eleana Ramirez
October 15, 2020
M.Zuliani, so many lessons you gave us that had nothing to do with school. You were one of my life teachers an amazing man who would talk to you and tell you stop messing around and look at you with the c'mon look and you would just gently stop doing what you were doing. Thank you for being that guardian I needed back in school thank you for making me laugh, cry because I felt love when you would correct me and thank you for those words you gave me. My deepest and most honest condolences to the family May God keep you guys safe and coat you with love and strength.
Richard Messier
October 15, 2020
Mon collègue depuis 25 ans et ami depuis quelques années. Quel homme. Vrai. Sensible. Sociable. Humain. Unique. Je te garderai dans mon coeur, tu peux en être certain. Ciao Peter.
Muhammad Abuzar
October 15, 2020
One of the best teachers and people i’ve met in my life. La dernière fois que je l’ai vu, nous avons parler pendant une demi-heure. Il m’a encouragé à continuer de travailler fort en cegep. Je suis heureux de l’avoir rencontré. RIP.
Jennifer Ferland
October 15, 2020
Toutes mes condoléances à la famille, M. Zuliani a été un prof extraordinaire, tellement aimé par ses élèves . Son décès me touche beaucoup. Reposez en paix xoxo
October 15, 2020
Merci pour tout cher professeur. Vous étiez un des meilleurs profs que j’ai eu.
Paul Sylvain Tremblay
October 15, 2020
On ne se connaissait pas mais j'ai entendu parler de vous par votre collègue Jean-François Côté et il n'avait que de bons mots à votre égard. C'est sûr qu'on s'est croisé dans le corridor de l'école Lucien-Pagé et je suis de tout cœur avec vous. Merci pour ces belles années.
October 15, 2020
Je le crossé dans le corridor de l’école secondaire à Lucien-Page. Il était très gentil et respecter par ces collègues de travail et ses élèves. Reste en paix.
Eikel Aliko
October 15, 2020
Mr. Zuliani was my english teacher in high school. He was one the most genuine person I have ever met. Always smiling and always ready to help you learn. I remember him pushing me to choose Dawson as a college, even though at the time my english wasn’t that good. He always believed in me. We used to always talk about basketball, its crazy how much he loved the game. I will always remember our time together. You will always be missed Pete.
October 15, 2020
M.Zuliani, vous allez rester dans mon coeur à jamais. Repose en paix
Karly Bridgman
October 15, 2020
I remember Peter from the times that i'd gotten towed along to the bar with my dad after a hockey game. Peter's smile was infectious and could warm your heart on the coldest of days. He always had a story to tell and it was an honor to have a seat next to him at the bar. Youre missed already Peter, til we meet again. My deepest sympathies to all his loved ones
Danielle Grenier
October 15, 2020
Bonjour, j’ai travaillé à l’école Lucien Pagé ( secteur sourds) pendant de nombreuses années et je le croisait dans le corridor en piquant une jasette. En fin d’année nous nous retrouvions au resto avec M. Duclos avant d’embarquer avec nos finissants sur le bateau au vieux port, il était tellement apprécié par ses élèves. Je n’ai que de bons souvenirs et j’entends encore son rire. Je tiens a vous souhaiter mes condoléances à toute sa famille.
October 15, 2020
Reposer en paix chère prof d anglais je vous ai connu a Lucien Pagé en temps que surveillant d élève merci a vous monsieur zuliani

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