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Abdo Mouawad, Urgel Bourgie / Athos

Abdo Mouawad
1928 - 2020

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Abdo Mouawad

Mr. Abdo Mouawad, husband of the late Jacqueline Mouawad, passed away in Montreal on May 8, 2020. He was a month away from his ninety-second birthday.
He is survived by his daughter Nayla, his sons Naji (Anouk) and Wajdi (Charlotte), his grandchildren Mariam, Clara, Antony, Hannan, Katrei, Aquilina, Marie-Thérèse, Aimée and Ulysse, as well as his: sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, nephews and nieces and other relatives and friends.

We will remember a generous, loving dad. You have armed us to confront the difficulties of life. . In a very small garden you showed us the essentials of life: how to water, without drowning them the herbs and delicate flowers. You always brought us back to what was most precious, always having your grandmother "teta Takla" as a reference. We love you Daddy.

Due to the current situation, the dates and times of the ceremonies have yet to be determined. In lieu of flowers, donation to Diabetes Canada or Heart and Strock Fondation of Canada would be appreciated.

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Messages in memory of Abdo Mouawad

Leina Anbar Abouchahla
May 14, 2020
No matter how old a very dear person was at the time of their passing, it always seems that they are gone a bit too early! Nayyoul, on that day of Ammo Abdo’s funeral, it is important to remember that your constant care and pampering, your love and commitment kept his weak heart beating for the longest time! Thus, he has undoubtedly passed with a great deal of fulfillment as well as pride about his children. Our family’s very sincere condolences to you, Nagi and Wajdi. May the soul of your dear dad rest in peace and may his sweet memory be eternal.
Leila Safi
May 14, 2020
Chère Nayla, Joe et moi partageons ta peine. Mais nous tenons aussi à t’exprimer notre admiration: ton père a eu la chance d’avoir eu à ses côtés une fille telle que toi.Que son âme repose en paix.
May 13, 2020
Chère Nayla, mes sympathies à toi et ta famille. Connaissant la bonté de ton père, je pense que l’on peut maintenant dire qu’une étoile de plus veille sur vous. En toute amitié, France
Leila Dorj
May 12, 2020
Chère Naela, Toutes mes sympathies à toi et tes frères et à la famille Mouawad. Que l'âme de votre père repose en paix, en sachant que son souvenir et ses valeurs continueront de vivre à travers ses enfants et ses petits-enfants. Pendant toutes les années que je te connais, j'ai toujours été éblouie par ton amour profonde et ton dévouement exemplaire envers ton père, à chaque jour, année après année et jusqu'à ses tous derniers moments. You certainly set the bar very high, and I'm sure that your father was very proud of you to have provided him with the sense of security and peace of mind until the very end. Thank you for being an amazing example for the rest of us. May you find courage to get through the next difficult days with the help of your loved ones, knowing that you're not alone and that your parents are watching over you from above. Leila
Michele Anbar Haddad
May 12, 2020
Chers Nayla, Naji et Wagdi, mes sinceres condoleances et celles de ma famille -Puissent nos condoléances vous apportent consolation et paix en cette période douloureuse .. Our Amo Abdo va manquer a toute la famille. Paix a son âme.
Jihane Gharzouzi
May 10, 2020
My deepest condolences to you dear Nayla, Naji and Wajdi. Behind Ammo Abdo's strict façade, which I remember from childhood, lay a gentle soul that I discovered later on as an adult. He is now with our beloved tante Jacquo and they are both watching over you. May he rest in peace and may his memory be eternal. Jija
Lillian Kalash
May 10, 2020
Dear Nayla, Naji and Wajdi, Amo Abdo holds a very special place in my heart always, he was a wonderful person full of knowledge and wisdom, his memory will live on forever. May he Rest In Peace.
Josiane Zarife Najjar,
May 10, 2020
Chers Nayla, Nagi et Wajdi, nous garderons à jamais en mémoire ces moments de joue partagés avec vous , Tante Jaquot et Ammo Abdo . Je pense à vous le coeur serré, mais de là ou Ils sont Ils vous protegent vous et hos famille . Avec toute mon affection Josiane
May 10, 2020
Je suis heureuse de t’avoir connu. Tu etais un homme exceptionnel d’une force et une fierte peu communes. Tu es toujours vivant dans nos coeurs et nos esprits.
May 10, 2020
Dear Nayla, Naji and Wajdi Ammo Abdo is now with Tante Jacqueline, all his siblings, his parents, his beloved Teta Takla and his epic aunts Milia & Shafika. His memory will live in all of us and his legacy lives in you, his children and your children. His creativity and wisdom has been passed on down as well as his sense of humor. I still have something he painted for me that I will cherish for as long as I live. Love you all.
May 10, 2020
Je t’ai connu au cours de ces 3 dernieres annees. Je voyais en toi le courage, la fierete et la tenacite. Que ton ame repose en paix! Mes sinceres condoleances a toute la famille.
Frida Anbar
May 10, 2020
Chers Nayla, Nagi et Wajdi Amo Abdo était un grand sage et un philosophe bien connecté à la nature et à l'Univers. Je sais qu'il restera proche de vous malgré le voile de l'invisible. Vos deux parents veillent sur vous. Soyez sans crainte, vous êtes aimés et c'est l'essentiel dans cette vie. Frida Anbar, John et Léa Khalaf
Zeina Waked
May 10, 2020
Abdo tu as été le pilier d’une famille dont tu pouvais être fière et que nous aimons beaucoup Naji, Neyla et Wajdi. Que ton âme repose en paix auprès de ma très chère cousine Jacqueline. Sincères condoléances
May 10, 2020
Tu étais extra! Je te demandais qui était Jacquo, qui était Nayla, qui était Naji, qui était Wajdi et tu me racontais des histoires. A côté de toi, tous les autres étaient si ordinaires.
May 10, 2020
I remember him, in the middle of a debate.. when someone had finished expressing their poiint of view, he would pause for a min and then share words of wisdom for all to learn. And then, in the middle of his point of view his passion would come out and we knew we were in for a good debate. We will miss you Amo Abdo! Love, Zeina

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