What is the difference between a funeral home and a funeral home complex?

A traditional funeral home usually has just a visitation room. It is ideal when funerals take place in a church or elsewhere. A funeral home complex is bigger in size and offers all the services required to organize a funeral, including a visitation room, chapel and reception hall. The concept that Urgel Bourgie / Athos offers all funeral services under one roof is growing in popularity as mourners do not have to change locations during a funeral.

Can I disperse the ashes of a loved any way I want to?

There is no law in Québec that regulates what you can or cannot do with human ashes. However, some municipalities have specific regulations regarding where ashes can be dispersed. Take the time to inform yourself before taking any permanent decision with respect to dispersing the ashes of a loved one.

What is the difference between a niche and a columbarium?

A columbarium is room or building with several niches for funeral urns to be stored. Each enclosed or glass-fronted niche can include a single, double or family urn.

Is a glass-fronted niche more expensive than an enclosed niche?

Prices can vary from one cemetery to another, from one space to another, and from one company to another. However, glass-fronted niches tend to be more expensive.

What are the rental terms for a niche in a columbarium?

The terms for a rental can vary between 20 and 99 years. Be sure to ask your preferred funeral home or cemetery for its precise rental terms.

Can I inscribe the name of a living person on a headstone?

Yes, you can inscribe the name of a living person on a headstone. This practice is increasingly more common as people are taking the time to make their funeral pre-arrangements. When a living person’s name is inscribed on headstone, his/her name and date of birth are added. The date on which the person passes will be added later on.

What happens with the ashes or coffin of a loved one when the rental term at the cemetery expires?

Several options are available at the end of your rental term. First, we will communicate with the family to determine if it wishes to continue the rental. If the family accepts, an agreement is drawn up. If the family does not want to continue the rental or keep the urn, we place the urn or coffin in a common grave.

What is the difference between a headstone and memory stone?

A headstone, also called a monument, is made out of stone, often granite, and is placed on a burial plot with the name(s) of the deceased. A memory stone is placed in an ecological garden where urns are buried.

How long does it take to meet with a counsellor to plan for my funeral pre-arrangement?

It varies greatly and depends on the type of contract. Normally, funeral pre-arrangements take two hours. The appointment is tailored to meet your needs and our counsellors will guide you through what rituals you would like to have.

Are funeral pre-arrangements regulated by law?

Since 1988, a law strictly governs funeral pre-arrangements in Québec. The Act Respecting Prearranged Funeral Services and Sepultures is governed by the Office de la Protection du Consommateur.
Read the act here.

Is it possible to cancel a pre-arrangement agreement? Is my money protected?

You can always cancel a funeral pre-arrangement. The Act Respecting Prearranged Funeral Services and Sepultures includes a section on how to rescind an agreement. When you purchased a funeral pre-arrangement, your money was placed in a trust, which means the funeral home can only access your money at the moment you pass away.

Is the price of my funeral pre-arrangement set or will it change?

The price of your funeral pre-arrangement is set; that is one of the main advantages of this service. The price is set at the date you purchase your funeral pre-arrangement. You will therefore save on inflation and possible price increases in the future.

Can I pay my funeral pre-arrangement in installments over several months?

Yes. Several financing options are available to accommodate your needs.

Can I transfer a funeral pre-arrangement agreement from a funeral home that is not part of your network?

Unfortunately, you cannot. You have to cancel your first funeral pre-arrangement and enter into a new agreement with our company. However, you can transfer a funeral pre-arrangement agreement within the Athos network.

If I have to move, can I transfer my funeral pre-arrangement agreement to a funeral home in my new city?

If an Athos funeral home is located in the new city, you can transfer the agreement.