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Answer calls from the head office; Answer calls for decease and inform the managers; Dispatch transportation; Schedule the funeral staff (Funeral Managers, Drivers and Pallbearers); Follow-up on unclaimed deceases (curatorship or others); Follow-up on ashes (delivery, transportation, etc.); Follow-up on air transports; Perform various clerical tasks; Work closely with other dispatchers; Replace the operator occasionally; Other related duties. 


Member of Athos Memorial Services, Urgel Bourgie / Athos offers, for more than a century, personalized commemorative High quality, respecting the beliefs and customs of families.

Celebrating and honouring life is our first commitment. Although our life represents a passage whose duration is unpredictable, we estimate that the memories along his path must endure over the years. We help celebrate the loved ones of our families by remembering the living and endearing people they were.

Urgel Bourgie / Athos is recognized for the excellence of its families. With a network of 10 funeral complexes and three Cemeteries-Gardens, the company has grown to the rhythm of the evolution of mores and has been able to adapt its services to the demands of families. We are therefore looking for caring people to complement our team.

Job description

  • Answer calls from the head office;
  • Answer calls for decease and inform the managers;
  • Dispatch transportation;
  • Schedule the funeral staff (Funeral Managers, Drivers and Pallbearers);
  • Follow-up on unclaimed deceases (curatorship or others);
  • Follow-up on ashes (delivery, transportation, etc.);
  • Follow-up on air transports;
  • Perform various clerical tasks;
  • Work closely with other dispatchers;
  • Replace the operator occasionally;
  • Other related duties.

Researched skils

  • Show good communication skills with grieving families;
  • Ability to deliver under pressure;
  • Ability to make decisions;
  • Show good judgment;
  • Demonstrate resourcefulness and initiative;
  • Knowledge of the funeral industry (an asset);
  • Basic knowledge of a switchboard (an asset).


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