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One of our funeral directors will immediately become your go-to resource to guide you through all the steps that need to be taken when a loved one has passed.

Your funeral director will schedule a meeting with you to understand your needs, values and options. This meeting lasts approximately 2 hours. The funeral director will clearly explain the different possibilities you have to plan, what we call, your loved one’s Life Celebration.

What you need to bring when you meet with one of our funeral directors

  • Government-issued health card, social insurance number and any other documents for the Directeur de l’état civil (birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.)
  • Clothing, underwear and socks of the deceased
  • Glasses and dentures, if applicable
  • Makeup (lipstick, nail polish, etc.), if applicable
  • Rosary, jewelry or other personal effects
  • Pictures, including a recent one for the obituary section in your preferred newspaper, on our web site, on guest remembrance bookmarks or thank you cards.
  • List of people survived by the deceased that you would like to mention in the obituary. The funeral director will help you write the obituary, too.
  • Name of the cemetery and plot number, if applicable.

Death abroad and repatriation

If a person who resides in Québec but passes away while travelling outside of Canada, the first thing you should do is contact us at 1 844 735-2025. Our experienced professionals will initiate the steps required to repatriate your loved one and organize the funeral.

In the case of repatriation from Québec to a location outside of Canada, Urgel Bourgie / Athos will make sure that everything is taken care of to satisfy the requirements of government authorities (embassies, consulates, etc.), airlines and the funeral home in the foreign country.

NEW: Safe Return Plan

Travel with peace of mind by joining our Safe Return repatriation plan. This lifetime membership covers anywhere you travel that is more than 100 km from your home.

Contact us now to learn more

A complete range of exclusive services for you and your loved ones

With our unique Serenity Services, we provide all the comfort needed to cope with the grief and mourning following the passing of a loved one.

Urgel Bourgie / Athos’ wide array of Serenity Services includes:

Internet Obituary
Internet Obituary
At the time of the death, we publish the obituary of the deceased on our web site at no charge.
Estate Services
Estate Services
We will help you with legal and governmental documentations.
Psychological Support
Psychological Support
We offer 3 consultations with a professional psychotherapist at no charge.
Email & Social Medias
Email & Social Medias
We will guide you to close email and social media accounts.
The Foresight Guide
The Foresight Guide
Make things simple. Put your affairs in order, protect your family, and let them know your last wishes with our Foresight Guide.
Commemoration ceremonies of your loved ones take place in one of our memorial gardens.
Legal Support
Legal Support
We offer an hour consultation with a notary at no charge.

To learn more about our Serenity Services,
contact one of our counselors today by telephone at 1 844 735-2025 ou by email.

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